It’s who you know

This week has brought a lot of “a-ha!” moments for me.  For instance, why I’m working at a salon and not in PR.  That is something that has been troubling now for quite awhile, considering that’s what I moved out here to do.  On Tuesday, some specific incidents happened made me realize I am where I need to be right now.  The whole week was like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon  because everyone that came in I knew through someone or something, which is ultimately the point of being a publicist.  You have to know people to get your job done.  I’m learning a lot at the salon — not in terms of beauty, but more so in the connections department: who knows who, who does what, who goes where, etc.  It’s been really helpful to put faces with names.

Now for the crap you really care about:

Celebrity Sightings

Tuesday, Kathy Hilton came in.  In case you guys don’t know, Kathy is Paris’ mom.  She’s totally a sweetheart, really easy going, and overall just a great client to have.  She comes in and then two of her children (Nicky and Barron) come in.  I’m really excited (yet suppressing it) because one of my favorite handbags ever created was designed by Nicky.  So Mrs. Hilton comes downstairs and asks if we have a private telephone so she could make a call because hers was broken.  We didn’t, so I think to offer her my cell phone — my CRACKED, ghetto iPhone that I dropped on Cinco de Drinko (go figure).  She accepts my offer so I run to go get it and she uses it to make some phone calls.  I was completely embarrassed that it was all cracked but she didn’t care and was very appreciative of my offer.

Eve came into the salon on Friday!  She is a total babe and a class act.

Claire Danes shot a Latisse commercial down the street all day Wednesday and Thursday.  She was pretty!

Benji Madden was walking in front of me today down Melrose.  I have no idea where he was headed, but I recognized him instantly because of his tats.

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