It’s like crack-cocaine for your sweet tooth

Listen, I’m a huge sweets gal.  I have to practice a lot of restraint when it comes to sweets because you can bet that if they provided any nutritional value that I’d eat Reeses peanut butter eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Not kidding.

When I started my new job, everyone said, “GO TO SWEET LADY JANE’S.”  I didn’t listen at first and waited two months before venturing over to try out what was deemed the most delectable desserts I will have ever tasted.

Now, I’m hard to please with desserts and cakes in particular.  I don’t like icing from the grocery store.  I don’t like sheet cakes.  I don’t like chocolate cake at all.  I don’t like icing that stains your mouth; I don’t like warm icing, warm cake, warm anything (unless it’s hot fudge).  Do not, under any circumstance ask me to eat something that’s lemon.  I don’t do lemon.  And if your whipped cream is from the grocery store then we have a serious problem.

Walking into Sweet Lady Jane’s was interesting because it wasn’t like the cakes they have are elaborately decorated.  You don’t look at them and go “WOW!  That looks magnificent!”  They’re simple looking.  I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to try (I’m a looks gal) so I took the recommendation from a co-worker.  “Get the Italian Rum Wedding Cake.”  I’m not a huge fan of rum, but why the hell not?  “One slice, please.”  They hand me over this gigantic slice and I take a seat in their cozy yet comfortable dining area.

Let me just tell you – holy cupcakes.  The cake was moist; not too sweet, not bitter, just right.  It had a layer of this rum filling which was okay (not particularly my taste at all), however, the buttercream icing was TOO DIE FOR.  Seriously.  Serve this at my funeral… it will ease any pain you may feel.

I couldn’t go just once, so the next week I went again.  I tried their infamous Triple Berry Shortcake.  I’m a sucker for anything shortcake and when they told me they used their own homemade whipped cream I was totally sold on it.  I ate the whole thing and frankly was as little embarrassed and guilty afterwards.  I haven’t been back since.  It’s just too good.

Their Triple Berry Shortcake is featured in the “Alice in Wonderland” advertisements and you can be sure to spot various celebrities buying delectable treats from Sweet Lady Jane herself.

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