Guess what hoes?

I had a Eureka! moment last night.  I feel like my New Year’s Resolution should really happen after the Oscars because I always come up with fascinating ideas after the Academy Awards….

Anyway, I figured out the name of my book!  Yes, I totally plan on publishing a book.  Do I have a publisher? No.  Do I have a literary agent?  No.  Do I even have the book finished and proofed?  Nope.  I have about five chapters and that’s it.  But now I have a name, and dang it, that’s better than nothing.

This past weekend was nuts and it’s all because of the Oscars.  Work was insane because we had a lot of VIPs coming into the salon to get services and it was rather exciting for someone such as myself.   Bar Rafaelli was booked to come in as well as the head designer of Marchesa, who designed Sandra Bullock’s Oscar gown.  Very cool!  I got to learn a lot about the PR companies that I should know about and I even joked with my mom that when I’m nominated for an Oscar I will know who to get to design my dress and who to do my hair.  🙂

Did you guys watch the Oscars?  Did you enjoy them?  I did not.  Between the Samsung 3D television commercials playing twice in a row to the rather forgetful intro (Neil Patrick Harris was the only highlight) and not to mention the rather dull introductions of the Oscars nominees by their co-stars… I’d have to say it was a giant snoozefest.  I kept hearing, “The Oscars like you’ve never seen them before!”  Except that would be totally false since half of the crap was from last year, except more lame.  For instance, last year they had past Oscar winners introducing the nominees and it was so wonderful to watch because most of the nominees admired the people introducing them.  It made the nominees seem a little vulnerable and it was rather touching.  This year they were sticking co-stars who only knew the friggen people for about a month and it was just a bunch of blabber that nobody gave two craps about.

I did enjoy the montage to horror flicks considering horror movies are never nominated for Oscars, ever.

Here’s what needs to happen:

– If you’re going to do a big entrance, do it with the actual hosts of the show.  Next year, just get NPH to do it and save everyone the complaints.
– The whole dance choreography thing was fab, however this isn’t “So You Think You Can Dance.”  Play a snippet of each song and announce the winner.  This ain’t the Grammys, y’all.
– I don’t get why they don’t incorporate more acting into the show.  Hello, everyone in that theater is an actor.  Last year it was hilarious when hottest man alive himself Hugh Jackman acted out/sang about each movie up for Best Picture.  Not to mention he grabbed Anne Hathaway and it was hilarious!  Then later in the show effing Beyonce does some showtunes with him and they managed to get Zac Efron up there too!!!!!!  Trust me, I thought my head was about to explode.  You could have gone blind looking at all three of them together.  Here’s the opening number:  Click here!
– If you’re going to recognize all that have passed this year, you have to include everyone.  If you can’t, you have to include big players, like Farrah Fawcett and Bea Arthur.  It was just WRONG to exclude both of them, both members of the Academy, and then include people (no offense) like Michael Jackson who wasn’t even a legitimate actor.  He was a musician and performer, not even a member of the Academy!  Seriously, a travesty.  People need to get their shiz together.  I mean it’s like if I put in four years of being in my sorority and donated so much time and effort for that organization and then when I graduated they didn’t consider me an alum.  Well, maybe it’s not like that but you guys can obviously tell I’m all kinds of pissed of about this!
– Lastly, instead of doing red carpets they should do televised cocktail hours.  That would be WAY more entertaining.  Imagine getting everyone a little tipsy and interviewing them.  “James Cameron, how do you feel about your ex-wife being nominated against you?” “Screw her!  Oh wait!  I already did!”

To close out this post, did you know that both Sandra Bullock and Kate Winslet’s hair was done by two Frederic Fekkai celebrity stylists?  Amazing right?  If you want to win an Oscar get your hair done by the Fekkai team 🙂

Alright guys.  I’m out.  I am going to Texas on Wednesday and I’m so excited I just can’t stand it!!!!!!

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