Small Town Girl

I’d never under any circumstance consider me a “small town” type of girl.  Sure, Georgetown, Texas isn’t a large city (I mean, it’s a TOWN! Right?) but it certainly isn’t po-dunk.  I was born in Houston, raised in suburbia and ventured to a metroplex for college.  But it’s still a world apart from Los Angeles.

I have a new part time job, which ironically is at a salon I was going to be an assistant manager at in Dallas.  Frederic Fekkai is a leader is luxury hair care and have been looking forward to working with them.  However, this is my first part-time job EVER!!!  I know that sounds crazy, but even during school I worked full-time because of the weekends.  I’ve always been on a work schedule at least five days a week, so seeing myself signed on for only three days is weird!  I know this sounds petty but it’s odd just being an employee and not a “manager” or something of that nature.

The perks are awesome.  I got a makeover the first day!  Not entirely, but they did my makeup and cut my hair.  They wanted to give me bangs (think Nicole Richie or Heidi Klum) but I had to put a stop to that because I was nervous.  Who knows… maybe I’ll go for it before my trip to Texas in March!  One thing I am definitely interested in is extensions!  One of the stylists is dying to get his hands on my hair and after grilling him about it breaking off or being damaged he showed me other stylists who have extensions or had extensions and their hair is healthy and long!  Wahoo!

Enough about that.  This week has been crazy because I just started and I’m learning a lot.  Fekkai is a legit company, not in start-up mode, so there are lots of rules and principals to learn before I can fully start working which makes me antsy.  I’m ready to do, go, be a part of everything so patience is something I need to embody!  On Wednesday I got really down on myself.  I feel like a lot of my peers are way ahead of me in their careers — they all have full-time jobs doing something with some kind of legitimate title.  And I’m behind the desk at a salon watching women with gigantic wedding rings pay for $400 hair services.  I love being a part of a luxurious setting, but I had to keep reminding myself that at some point in my life I want to be able to afford these services and not just because I’m getting an employee discount.  It made for a tearful phone call to Stu and my Mom.  But luckily both of them put everything in perspective for me.  I might not be doing what I want to do right now, but nobody my age is, and everyone is working towards their goal.  Amen.

I know I can always go home, but that will always be an option, and living here will not.  It’s a luxury for me to even be out here let alone getting the opportunities I have been getting and I don’t think I could fathom leaving before finding some kind of success out here.  Basically I’m trying to say that I’ve been learning to take things a day at a time.  For so many people like me who have an “entrepreneurial spirit” (as my Aunt Bonnie calls it), we want things to happen NOW.  We’re always looking for instant results from things we’d like to implement right now.  So my instant gratification level needs to be taken down a notch and I need to enjoy my life and stop stressing, which I fully plan on doing.  Thank you to everyone who has offered me advice and counsel on all of this!  I continue to pray for not only my well being but for everyone else who has touched my life, good or bad.

Anyway, back to the “small town girl” thing.  Everyone at work sees me as this little Texas gal who doesn’t know a lot about the big city.  Half are all about maintaining my roots and the other half are all about turning me into an LA girl.  I’m not much of either; I’m not too country, I’m not too much of LA (however I will say LA has let me feel free to dress as expressively as I want).   I think one thing I enjoy about myself is that I am versatile and can bend either way!  I love me some Texas and I am really enjoying LA.  I can’t complain about where I’m from or where I am (besides the fact that they aren’t the same place).

Thank you all for reading my blog.  I plan on making some major revisions soon, once I get my computer back (I’m shipping it off tomorrow for repairs! weeee).

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