Eight the great

Hi everyone!

It’s been awhile since I last posted, but that is due to the fact that my computer is broken and I’ve been borrowing Val’s while mine is getting repaired.  Nothing too exciting has been happening out here, but I guess I’ll give you some of the stuff you like to read:

Celebrity Sightings:
– Sunday, January 31st:  Perez Hilton walking down Beverly on my way to my hair appointment
– Friday, February 5th:  Mischa Barton walking into Urban Outfitters at the same time as me, looking for a record player
– Saturday, February 6th: Samantha Ronson DJing at Teddy’s

Dear John needs a Dear John letter.  PUH-lease, Nicholas Sparks, how can you live with yourself knowing you allowed that crap to glorify one of your books?  It’s saying something when I think the Miley Cyrus movie might be more engaging.  Yikes.  PS:  Whoever created the trailer deserves an award considering that 30-second promo was better than the almost two hour flick.

I’ve been doing a few odd jobs here and there, which has fed my need for change and variety.  Today I worked on CSI: Miami in Long Beach.  It was a great shoot because I got there at 6:30 am and left by 10:15 because I was featured!  I got to do a close-up and David Caruso even mentioned that he wanted to be in my close-up shot just in case I made it big. 🙂  A really great start to the week.

I’m actively looking for hosting workshops and classes, so if you all have any recommendations or suggestions I’d appreciate that!

Also, I’m really excited to be joining the TCU LA Alumni Board as a VP!  Go Frogs!

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