Valentine’s Day Gift Guide — Dallas & Los Angeles

Valentine’s Day is overrated.  There, I said it.  I even have a Valentine!  I totally appreciate that there’s one day where we can all profess our love to one another and not be afraid to show it, but it usually gets turned into a competition of sorts which is bogus.

However,  I think there are things that can be done on Valentine’s Day that can spice up a relationship and make it more fun (no, not that you pervs).  Since most of my readers are in Dallas or Cali — Sorry Marf! — I have compiled a list of things to do for your man or woman if you’re lacking in the creative department.  Take these ideas and apply them to your own city!

*Disclaimer* Baby Mollis, I know these aren’t tailored for Kansas City but I’m sure you can find a place to wine taste and lay on top of a DeLorean this Valentine’s Day. hahahaha.  Sorry, I had to.  Love you!!!

For the ladies

Master the Art of Massage
Since I used to work at a spa, I know that the number one day for the business is Valentine’s.  We would recruit all therapists that were employed at the spa on duty that day and converted extra rooms into tranquil relaxation spots.  Couples Massages ran out quickly and had to be reserved in advanced and any cancellations were met with a charge (if recommend that if you want to do a couples massage at a spa that you booked like a week ago because most will sell out by February 1st).  
BUT, you can nix going to a spa and learn the art yourself.  It always comes in handy.  This year on February 9th, you Dallas-ites can take your special someone to a class to learn the art of a perfect massage.  Jenny Walker, a masseuse at the V Spa at the Hilton Anatole, will be teaching the class that will include techniques like pressure point, hot stone, and will go in depth on how to massage the back, hands, feet and neck.

Educational Massage Seminar
with Jenny Walker at V Spa
Tuesday, February 9th, 6:30 – 8:00 pm
$50 per couple, limited to 12 couples
Make reservations at or 214-761-7800
Complimentary bottle of wine included along with 25% off product

*If you just started dating someone and you’re not comfortable with this class, a full body hour massage will always do the trick for a girl.  Great for relaxing and stress relief and the only work you have to do is go and buy the thing!  Just for tricks of the trade, I’d recommend finding a massage therapist at a spa instead of a chain store.  

Helicopter Tour 
Want to do something unconventional for your woman?  Find a helicopter tour in your area!  It’s different and will be fun for you and her.  Just make sure she’s not afraid of flying or heights… yikes.  These tours charge by time – you can take flight in increments of 30, 45, 60 or 75 minutes, but it will cost you (ranges include $100 – $350).  Bring a bottle of bubbly to commemorate the occasion. It’s like Top Gun, except not.  Bomber jackets not included.  

Dance Lessons
Guys, this might be a stretch, but enlisting yourself and your woman in dance lessons will definitely bring the sexy back (or keep it going) in the relationship.  You can choose from flamenco, salsa, swing, ballroom or even hip hop if you want some hilarity.  Pick either a one time class or a series of classes that can last from six to eight weeks, once a week.  



For the gentlemen

Alright ladies.  Ready to make your man’s head spin?  Send him a Pantygram.  I wasn’t keen on this idea when I heard it at 7:00 in the morning after a long night at work, but apparently Ryan Seacrest was into it so I decided it was worthy of a mention.
Basically you get online and input all of the information into your Pantygram, like who it’s to and all that jazz.  Then, you write a personal message for him and Pantygram will send your man a black envelope with gold writing with a red pair of panties inside – they apparently are shaped like a heart.  From there he can read a part of his message and to get the rest he has to log-in online with a special code.  
I guess the whole thing is that you send these panties to your beau’s work or something so then he’s a super bigshot when he’s holding a pair of panties at his desk.  I personally think this is mortifying but maybe guys actually enjoy this thing.  

Luxury Car Rentals
You might not be able to afford to buy your man a new car, but perhaps you can invest in a day or week-long rental!  Choose from exotic cars like a Bentley, Aston Martin or Ferrari OR pick a sports car like a Porshe.  

Valentine’s Day Cruise
The awesome thing about Cali is being by the ocean, which allows us Los Angelenos to experience cruises and not have to bother with asking for vacation time!  Score!  Click here to see a list of ports and cruises available for Valentine’s brunch, V-Day dinner and pricing.

Don’t let Valentine’s Day get you down!  This is a serious excuse to go buy a cute outfit, get your hair and nails done, drink some wine, eat good food and spend time with the girls (or boys).  My suggestions:

“Fall in Love with Yourself” at the V Spa at the Hilton Anatole (Dallas)
Thursday, February 18th from 6:00 – 8:00 pm (yes, after Vday!)
Presented by Good News Girlz and Still Haute!
Indulge with your friends in mini spa services, cosmetic makeovers, informal modeling and classic vintage couture shopping event by Still Haute!, door prizes, light appetizers and wine.

Grab a gaggle of your friends and go!  

Wine Tastings
Wine tastings can be a great way to bond with your friends and make you forget (literally) that you’re single or missing a certain someone.  Plus, who DOESN’T like wine?!  Sampling a few (dozen) vinos guarantees you’ll bring a good bottle back home.

The Santa Monica Mountains are Cali’s best kept secret.  They offer a variety of vineyards and wineries where you and your friends can go and get your drink on!  I recommend Pourtal Wine Tasting Bar in Santa Monica.  

Dallas has a winery too!  Check out Times Ten Cellars in Dallas.  Here’s a list of their events and tasting times.

Pole Dancing Classes
I never made it to this pole dancing class I was supposed to take with a group of my intern friends a few summers ago, however I wish I had.  It’s supposed to be fun, empowering and a great work out!  Give yourself the gift of sexy this Vday!

These were all off the top of my head but I recommend getting on Citysearch and looking for things to do this Valentine’s in your city!  And boys, remember PLAN EARLY.  Waiting ’til the week of ensures one thing: you’re screwed.  Love ya!

Aveda Institute – Spa services for CHEAP!
If you’re lucky enough to have an Aveda institute in your area, I’d recommend going!  You get  complimentary drinks, scalp massage, cut, shampoo, style and mini facial for $19!!!  They offer a variety of services including color, highlights, mani/pedis and more for extremely discounted prices.  Note:  The Aveda Institute is a beauty school, meaning the employees there are actually students.  Most of the time you will get great services, but I’d recommend calling ahead and asking for someone with more hours or who is about to graduate if you want to get a cut or a highlight.  Also, they are students and it is a teaching experience, so they say for color you can expect to be there at least three hours and for cuts at least 1.5 to two.  
Click here for the list of institutes in the United States.

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  1. Hey! Aveda Institute in Birmingham, since I won't be making the trek to TX or LA…maybe I'll go have my hair done! Yay for good ideas Kirbs. PS. Just put a pretty awesome picture of you on the blog…but it goes along with asking my friends to vote. LOVE YOU

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