Not gonna happen


I made it through one day.  And basically even if I had the will power in the world, I wouldn’t be able to do this.

Yesterday I was really unproductive and grumpy and it really took a toll on my emotions.  As much as I’d love to feel “cleansed” and “rejuvenated,” I feel that way after a great work out.

I’m the type that gets shaky without sustainable food in my system, and I’ve been feeling miserable since I started this.

I applaud anyone and everyone who can get through it but one thing I’ve learned?  Food is not something I’m willing to sacrifice.  As much support as I had, I also got the “you’re crazy!” and “Go eat a cheeseburger!”  I might not go eat a cheeseburger but I plan on getting a sandwich.

Love yall,

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