My prayers go out…

Another tragedy.

You can read the article here.

I didn’t know this student personally, however my heart aches to think about how her family, friends and the entire TCU community/campus is going to be affected by this.

It truly is a tragedy that this had to happen; I am hoping this was not a homicide (reports indicate they believe there was no foul play).  If it is, however, I feel I speak for everyone who lived in this vicinity at one point or another when I say there needs to be more security and safety precautions taken.   Almost all residents of these neighborhoods surrounding TCU’s main campus are students.  I don’t believe TCU owns that area of land, but if they do then why aren’t more street lights put up?  Or more street patrols happening on a nightly basis?

However if these areas aren’t under TCU’s jurisdiction, it’s time for the great city of Fort Worth, a place I love so dearly, to realize that these neighborhoods have been and will continue to be occupied by students — these homes might as well be considered on campus, considering they’re about as far of a walk to campus as it is walking from The Greek.  This includes the areas on the other side of Berry Street as well.  It shouldn’t take a death to point out something many people have been complaining about for years (regardless of it it was a homicide or not).

I’m sure all alum and parents footing the bill for their child’s tuition will agree when I suggest that more money goes not only into the safety on campus but also the safety of these surrounding neighborhoods.  Too many students live in these areas for simple adjustments to not have been implemented.

Please pray for the family at this time as well as the entire TCU community.  We are a tightly-knit campus and I’m sure this has affected everyone in so many different ways.  I pray for peace and justice.

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