2009: My year in review

Well ladies and gents, this IS my blog after all, so I’m going to recap my year.  I use this blog not only to network and speak my mind, but also to serve as a “diary” of sorts of my life and excursions post-college.

New Years Resolution:  Move to California
Status: Completed
According to the numbers…
One walk across the stage
One last spring formal
One 24-hour trip
One move-out; one move-in
One friendship rekindled (Val)
One friendship created (Ali)
One friendship terminated
One one-year anniversary
One internship
One audition
One best friend engaged
Two air mattresses popped (aka “Nomi’s Hazing Period”)
Two new roommates (Val and Ali)
Two zip codes
Two jobs, one occupation (airbrush tanning)
Two jobs quit
Two trips to Disneyland
Two Jason Segel run-ins (a week a part! … and three if you count being on set)
Three trips back to Texas
Three roommates total (Liz, Val & Ali)
Three reality show proposals
Four sets visited (How I Met Your Mother, Melrose Place, Slightly Single in LA and the Usher video)
Four new mentors made (Tara Wilson, Rachel at Chic Events, Michelle at PPMG and Dennis aka the best ever!)
Five events worked (Absolut Bartender’s Ball, Step-Up Network Awards, Be Bash, a wedding for a reality show and Latin Knights of Laughter)
Five months in Fort Worth

Six amazing concerts (Britney x 2, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga)

Seven Months in Los Angeles

Endless Pledge Class e-mails
Endless celebrity sightings (Zac Efron, Eve, John Mayer, Janice Dickinson, Audrina Patridge, Run DMC, JR Martinez, Russell Brand, Michael Yo)
Endless networking
Endless job searches
12 games won (Rif ram! — 13 come Monday)
That’s all I can really think of right now!  2009 was apparently a great year not only for me but for everyone.  I hope that tonight when you ring in the New Year that you’re safe and happy!  Best of luck in 2010!

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