Another day on set

Today I got to work on the set of a new feature film called “Slightly Single in LA.”  I don’t know if it will be straight to DVD or what but never-the-less it was an awesome experience!

Here’s who is the in the featured cast:

Lacey Chabert:  really cute, seems to be very focused and is really nice as well!

Jenna Dewan:  incredibly beautiful and REALLY tiny.  Seriously, when you see people looking thin and fabulous on magazines and in movies, they really are teeny tiny in real life.

Jonathan Bennett:  really funny on set.  I remember a long time ago that Perez Hilton said this guy was gay… I wouldn’t be surprised.

It’s also rumored that Haylie Duff is a part of the cast; there was also a guy on set today that looked incredibly familiar however I couldn’t put my finger one what I had seen him in.
It was really fun and relaxed on set — probably the first time that I’ve ever been on a set where the extras are actually nice and the director introduced himself to me.  I was playing a bartender with another guy, so there was a lot of quietly pretending to mix drinks, make shots, clean glasses, open beers, etc.  I promise that I don’t scream “alcoholic” when I submit myself for these castings because it seems like I’m always partying or at a bar during these background jobs.

I was on set about eight hours and actually doing something about three.  Anyway, it was a lot of fun and I hope I can work on more movies in my future… not just as a background actor. 🙂

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