Jingle Ball

Saturday was a magnificent day because I got invited to Jingle Ball in LA!  How fun!  It was held at the Nokia Theater, a venue I hadn’t been to before, and it was a great time for all… regardless of the fact that the audience was mostly five to 13-year-olds and their parents.  I don’t care, I will do what needs to be done to sweet my precious Taylor Swift!

We had great seats – no need to stand to see over people.  I don’t know what to call them except for “handicapped” seats because the chair were moveable and had very easy access.  We were also on  platform.

The list of performers was cool, so I’ll give you a rundown:

Jay Sean
The Ting Tings
Jason DeRulo
Keri Hilson
Taylor Swift

Actually, scratch the rundown.  Here are some highlights:

The Ting Tings were amazing.  They have a lot of great songs and it was cool to see them perform live.  I’m sure a lot of parents and 20-somethings were also thrilled to have a more alternative act in the line-up.

Jason DeRulo… yeah.  His music sounds great on the radio, but live it’s equivalent to a rap concert, aka major letdown.

Keri Hilson had a very odd stage presence.  First off, I thought she looked completely different than what she appears to look like in videos.  It was her birthday, so KISS FM got her a cake in which she threw pieces of into the audience. She also seemed a little bit like a diva.  Basically I don’t know why they gave her five songs to sing when people only could recognize three.

LMFAO and 3Oh!3 were awesome.  I didn’t expect much from them but they even worked out synchronized dance moves!  The bands performed separately (duh) but their show was similar in that it was very high energy and everyone knew every single word to their songs.  LMFAO even jumped into the crowd!

Fabolous.  Seriously, where did you come from?  I feel like he had fallen off the face of the Earth.  Just like I said before, rap performances are a major letdown.

TAYLOR SWIFT!  What can I say, she’s magic.  Her rumored beau was backstage (Taylor Lautner) and the only reason I know this is because during the show people could text a certain number and get their message on the big screen.  Many wrote in to say T-squared was chllin’ backstage.  Anyway, everything you would expect from a Taylor Swift concert happend – a lot of hair, a lot of sparkles, a lot of dumbfounded looks into the crowd.  Several stories about her songs, several thank yous, several “I Love LA!”  She was pretty much awesome.  She sounded great as well!  She also did her song “You’re Not Sorry” with her cover of JT’s “What Goes Around…” which I loved.

There were several “surprise” guests during the intermissions, like Kristin Cavellari, Leighton Meester, the 90210 cast with Katie Cassidy (Melrose Place), Nick Cannon and his new (no-name) group The School Girls, and my personal fav The Glee Cast!!!  Lea Michelle (Rachel) and Dianna Agron (Quinn) weren’t there but everyone else was.  It was hilarious because during Keri Hilson’s performance everyone saw the Glee kids up on the balcony and started texting in to the big screen things like “I LOVE GLEE!!!!!  MARRY ME GLEE CAST!”  Oh to be 13 again.

Anyway, here are some photos!  I’ll upload some video performances later.

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