Hoping it isn’t a lonely December

Well friends, today I got some sad news. It isn’t sad for this person, but it’s sad for me! My roommate, Val, is staying in Texas all of December and won’t be back in LA until January 19th after a trip to London. I’m excited for her because I know some cool things are going on, but I will say I miss having a roommate to talk to before bed.

Ali is here and it’s AWESOME and I know we’ll do festive Christmas-y things as roommates as well, but she does have a boyfriend, and if my boyfriend lived close to me I’d be with him too (trust me). So now I’m hoping this December I will be able to make some good friends to keep me going. I’ll be busy with work at the studio and I’m hoping I can get more “freelance” jobs doing who knows what – production, event planning, anything really – so that I can keep my mind off of really not having a real social life here in Cali.
That’s it. I’m not upset, just a little frustrated. Who knew finding friends in the real world would be so hard? Siiiiiiigh.

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