Give Thanks!

I personally don’t think that Thanksgiving should be the time you start showing gratitude for things in your life – you should try to do that every day! – but since it is a national holiday I’ll satisfy my urge to give thanks.

– My family. I know it’s everyone’s number one, but it’s for good reason of course! I’m thankful I was raised in such a great and loving environment with experiences – some amazing, some disorienting, and some indifferent – which has shaped how I think to this day.
– My boyfriend. Thank you for being a pick-me-up, a surprise (everyday) and overall just being an amazing person.
– Friends. For all of you who cheered me on to move out here; for everyone who has given me great advice, for those who shared a marg (or three) at Yucatan; for those of you who have known me since first grade, for those who spent endless hours with me at a small-town tanning salon, for those who have lent a shoulder to cry on (and mine to you), to the ones who would walk me back from The Cellar or recruited PNMs with me, who picked up my special language, who listened to endless hours of “boy crap” and for any one of you ladies who remembers how to spell my name correctly — I love you all.
– Moving. Thanks God for giving me the strength to move here and for giving me solace in that decision only two weeks away from the day I was leaving. LA is not Texas but I sure am thankful to be submerged in all things entertainment!
– My health. Not having insurance makes one thankful that the swine hasn’t gotten to me (yet).
– My family and friend’s health: nothing worries me more than ones I love being ill so I am eternally grateful that I haven’t had anyone close to me become sick.
I’m thankful for everything: the people I meet, the people I don’t meet, the time I spend in Texas, the fact that I do have a job in a state with 12% unemployment, that I’m reaching goals I set, that Ali let me move into the apartment not knowing me; likewise, for Val allowing me to share a room with her so I could live here in the first place; that my little brother is not a heathen and has a good head on his shoulders, that I have grown to understand who I am and what I want in life. I am thankful that I feel any dream is possible and nobody can change my opinion on that. That I can, at 22-years-old, turn into an eight-year-old girl who loves Disney Land and wanted to grow up to be Minnie Mouse at one point her in life… I’m thankful for SO many things that have happened to me and several things that haven’t — for the answered and unanswered prayers.
Everyone has something to be thankful for! If you can’t find something, I’d suggest just recognizing that you’re alive and living… that is something to be eternally grateful for!
Last thing: an extra special Thanksgiving shout out to all of you newly graduated students who are trying to figure out this “real world” thing and who are spending their first holiday away from their family at home. I will be attempting to cook a turkey and all the fixins here in LA, far far away from my family. Wish me luck!
Love you guys!

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