Things come full circle

*I want to preface this post by saying that I met some people who are in the public eye. Although I was excited to meet them, I want to acknowledge that they are regular people who also deserve their right to privacy. I am not discussing anything derogatory or personal about them, so I don’t feel like this blog has anything wrong with it. The point of my blog is to take my readers through my life day-to-day and get to live through the “experience” of being in LA with me.*

Okay. So, tonight was a great night! I wasn’t feeling 100% but I was determined to do two things today: a) work out and b) go to the TCU game watching party at Capitol City Sports bar.

Happily I was able to do both. The smoke at the bar was increasing my cough however it wasn’t going to keep me from having a good time. I met up with some friends, some new, some old, and I was so happy to see everyone there.
The surprise of the night was when JC (Chasez – *NSYNC and America’s Best Dance Crew) showed up. Everyone was whispering but I knew none of them truly had the memories I did of him.
This might be embarrassing to some but not to me! It is my blog after all. When I was 13 I loved *NSYNC. Everyone had a favorite and mine was JC. We can all be honest here, he had the best voice and awesome dance moves. I basically knew nothing would ever happen with him since he’s 10 years my senior, however I still loved him anyway. We would travel from concert to concert to watch them put on the best stage show EVER.
Well, I don’t know if you recall my post from August 14th, 1999, but that date was infamous for me because it was the day I got to go on stage with *NSYNC and that day that my mom convinced JC to let me kiss him on the cheek. In true Kirbie fashion we have this all on tape so there is proof.
So let’s go back to present day. We’re at Capitol City Sports bar and JC is there. I have a very strict policy of not bothering celebrities because it’s annoying and I get all kinds of flustered. However my friends (cough Glenton, cough Mckenzie) told me since my mom bet me $100 to bring up this “kiss on the cheek incident” that I absolutely had to do it. So we go to the bar where he’s at and after taking my sweet time I approached him.
I introduced myself and told him about our encounter when I was the young age of 13. He laughed and actually remembered! He couldn’t have been nicer and even mentioned how fun of a story that was and that things come full circle.
So, I can vouch for anyone who has ever met him: he’s the nicest guy ever.
However, things didn’t end there. His friend, Pete, whom I had met prior to introducing myself to JC, asked me what my last name was. “Johnson…?” “Do you know Suzanne and Shawnie?”
Turns out Pete, JC’s friend, is roommates with two girls I work very closely with at the salon! It was nuts because just last week Shawnie as telling me how she met JC and how he’s friends with her roommate Pete. He figured I was the Kirbie they referred to because he had never heard of another Kirbie. Thanks Mom for my original name 🙂
See? Things do come full circle. If I hadn’t approached JC I wouldn’t have met Pete or known that we had a “link” to each other. Pete and JC were both nice guys and needless to say it was nice to meet some nice guys here in LA.
After that I was sitting alone at a table (all of my fellow frogs peaced out) when some guy who referred to me as “Texas” told me to come and join their table. Turns out he was from Texas as well and his friends were from Louisiana, cheering on LSU. One of his friend was Trichelle from Real World Las Vegas! She is the nicest person ever and even offered to help me on my journey to become an E! correspondent.
Needless to say tonight I met a bunch of really nice people. It gets hard to remember that when you’re living in a town where everyone thinks they’re better than everyone else. However I know God did a great thing by reminding me that nobody is truly better than anyone and to take pride in myself. And hopefully I have some new friends.

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