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The past few days have been a little hectic. On top of working at the tanning studio, I’m helping to plan a charity benefit event to celebrate breast cancer awareness month (in October); I’m doing background work, trying to get a hosting reel together, trying to FIND an agent and working freelance on websites and twitter backgrounds.

I guess let’s start with the studio. I’m working a lot more hours there, however I’m also getting more flexibility on when because we’re hiring more people. So that’s nice. To be honest, the salon we’re currently stationed is a complete train wreck – I mean seriously, the employee turnover there is ludicrous – so they better get it together soon or we are going to have to make some serious changes.
Because the business is fairly new, it has allowed me to spread my communication wings and promote, publicize and market the company. Awesome! I’m in charge of all social networking operations, creating new promotion incentives and maintaining media contacts/creating and sending pitches. It’s been great for me because it makes me feel important in some tiny way.
The event we’re planning is going to be on October 13th and is called “Breast CANswer” which will benefit My Vision (www.myvision.org), a organization that supports fertility preservation in women who have breast cancer. This way they can preserve their eggs so when they go into remission they can have a family! It’s such a great cause that we had to incorporate them into our benefit. So we’re hosting a mini spa night and silent auction with fabulous gifts like a trip to Puerto Vallarta, a $700 eyelash extension package, shirts donated by Michael Stars and a ton more. I’m pretty stoked! So many different retailers that I contacted offered to donate products. Should be a great night!
I’m working on a Twitter background for Necole Bitchie, founder of NecoleBitchie.com! Fun right? I can’t wait to get to work on it. Be sure to check her site out!
I went back to Melrose Place today. I was a hostess like I was supposed to be my first go-around (before Ash got sick). It was a lot of fun today! A lot of pulling out “inspiration” from my gig in high school when I was a waitress. Passing out menus, leading restaurant patrons… instead of working with Ashlee again, we got to work with Katie Cassidy (yes, David Cassidy’s daughter – ask your Moms, 80s babies) and the actor who plays Jonah. I am most definitely going to be on camera because they had me and the other hostess do a ton of close ups as “Ella” and “Jonah” make their way into the restaurant! So be sure to watch for me in episodes seven, eight and nine which will most likely be at the end of October.
And, finally, Britney Spears – her concert was identical to the one in March, minus costume changes and remixes. However that is not why I’m peeved – I mean I saw the same *NSYNC concert each summer at least three times in a row. What I’m concerned/pissed off about is the fact that Britney looks like she’s not even TRYING anymore! I mean seriously! Maybe my expectations are high, but the way she used to perform ranks so much higher than her Circus tour. She doesn’t dance as hard, she doesn’t even try to pretend she’s singing now; not to mention there were no cameras to be found video-ing her, so her fans up in the nosebleeds couldn’t see her! We were in the box and although it was an awesome view, it would have been nice to have seen Brit’s face on a screen somewhere, ANYWHERE! I don’t know if she’s just forgetting to move her mouth all together or what… I mean heck, maybe she’s on sedatives! I don’t know! But the woman owes it to all of her fans to dance harder, pretend like she isn’t lip synching (completely) and could at least have addressed us more than just “what’s up LA?” Every other concert I’ve gone to the artist is so personal with their fans that is makes it feel like they are in a small bar venue instead of a huge arena.
Alright. Enough of that. I’m going to bed! I’m res sleepy!

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