Last Night

First of all, if you don’t have it, download Justin Timberlake’s “Last Night.” One of my favorite songs by him!

Well, yesterday was kind of nuts. Let’s start from the beginning.
I woke up bright and early because me, Kristen and Megan were going to IBM studios where E! does a lot of shooting. Sunless Studio is making their national debut on E!’s new morning show, “That Morning Show!” (clever, right?) Anyway, one of the hosts is Mark from all of the Real World/Road Rules orgys that usually go on. I mean this man is 38-years-old and appears to be only 21. I was DYING to ask him about Kelly (Kelly Anne from Sydney) since we briefly were in high school together but figured that might be odd.
So we get there at 11:30 and get set up. We were the first ones there so as we sat in the green room I changed the music from soft, spa-like tranquility to 80s and 90s hits. Slowly but surely about nine other guests made their way in – a Mom blogger, a punk gardener, a comedian, a personal trainer, an at-home chef; seriously this place was hoppin’ with random people. Not to mention airbrush tanners were there (us) so it made things even spicier. Once there, we helped ourselves over at craft services and got some nom noms because we were starving. Then the make-up artists took us in and touched us up. I always love going on set and having heard a make-up artist say, “Your makeup looks great!” because that means I pretty much know that the piles of powder and concealer I’m putting on for the camera actually look good and aren’t going to be terrifying to the general public.
Once that was finished, we started rehearsals. It was really exciting to see how a morning show works, albeit it’s not live, but whatev. The camera movements, the teleprompters, the lighting – it was all very interesting to me. I have to admit that the whole time the hosts were reading off the prompters I was dying to try it myself just to see how I’d do.
The fun part about our segment is that we airbrush our model, Megan, on the show. There’s no waiting. We start spraying her immediately after we are finished interviewing and then while other segments are going on we go into the hall, finishing spraying that half of her body and when we return to the set she’s half white/half tan. It’s hilarious! Seriously, best costume idea ever – she looks like she fell asleep on her side at the beach. We tanned her a little dramatically so the audience could see that a major difference.
Once we return to set, we discuss what we did to Megan, how we did it and then plug a big breast cancer awareness event we have coming up.
Rehearsals are over, which equals a lot of waiting. Wait, wait, wait. Then it’s time to shoot! YES! We basically go back on set and do the same thing all over again. It was really great exposure for the studio and who knows, maybe someone will see it and say to themselves, “SHE NEEDS TO BE A TV HOST!” and then the rest will be history. (In my dreams, right?)
The shooting ended around 4:30 for us which meant hell on wheels because the drive back from Irvine to Beverly Hills was horrendous. We were in the car two and a half hours! Gag me! However we did have some great times singing Wilson Phillips “Hold On” and discussing our families. We even drove by Disney Land! AH! I am so dying to go. Apparently it’s $90 to get in? That price is not a dream come true. Maybe I’ll wish upon a star and the prices will decrease.
When we drove by, this sparked a convo about Disney World and the fireworks show at DisneyLand. “It’s truly magical” and “Brings a tear to your eye” were definitely said. Let’s be honest, I am turning into my mother, meaning I cry at everything. There are always bets around Christmas about when Mom will cry. I cry about everything now; I freaking cry when I watch that Dawn “Wash Away” commercial when they wash the little animals that have been covered in oil, I cry when I think about the poor little man I saw at the bar last week that didn’t have anyone to talk to and he was so nice. It’s truly saddening. Point being? I will probably get a little teary eyed when I go to Disney Land. It will be reminiscent of the time I went to the World when I was six. My mom and dad did everything they could to make sure our room was able to overlook Cinderella’s Castle and when we got there I went to the window and saw it. It was night time and it was sparkling and lit up in pinks and blues. I let out a sigh and my mom asked, “What’s wrong Kirbie?” and I said, “It’s just so beautiful!” and started to cry.
What is it about Disney? Who knows. I totally plan on going soon though!
Read more about what I did last night in the next post!

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