Well, there have been some crazy things going on with me this week. I can’t really divulge a lot of details because I don’t want to jinx anything, however it’s been somewhat entertaining.

I’ve been contacted by two reality shows in the past week wanting to chat. This is exciting to me. No, it’s not Big Brother or The Real World, but it’s still exciting. I feel like I’m surrounded by reality TV – my boss at my internship is currently filming one, the ladies next door to the hair salon are supposed to be getting one… I mean it’s crazy!
After the Melrose Place letdown, I was contacted to be a cheerleader on the new show The Forgotten. However, the call got cut down so I was unable to go, a little disappointing. I got called for a show on Friday called Flash Forward, but I am working a wedding for the final day of my internship. I’ve gotten several phone calls which is exciting! I am still wondering what my photo looks like because they took a pic when I signed up yet I never got to see it. Oh well.
I’m doing a lot of work with Sunless Studio right now and another company called MyDebtPortal – pitching to a lot of magazines, writing articles and press releases; yesterday I learned about MailChimp so we can start with e-mail blasts and online newsletters. This is all very exciting for me as I love to design and create.
I have seen a lot more of my roommates which is comforting. I miss being around them so it’s nice when we’re all together. If you haven’t seen the TV show “Unscripted,” you should! It’s by George Clooney and it’s semi-reality, semi-fake. Basically it follows a few actors and their road to fame. It depicts what happened to them accurately, however they have to recreate everything. It’s cool because it shows them at one point in their life and will “fast forward” to show what really happened or what’s going to happen. However it is slightly depressing… they’re all struggling for rent, they’re getting screwed over right and left. Pretty accurate though 🙂
I might be poor and I might not know how I’m paying rent… I’ve never been that candid about my expenses, but what the heck. I mean it’s not like I’m living the life of someone in The Hills right now. If I wasn’t truthful about what I’m doing, it wouldn’t be as exciting, right? My parents help me out any way that they can, however I’m 22. I’m not trying to be a charity case, but getting things from my family at this age makes me feel guilty so I prefer to figure things out myself.
I get to experience a lot of fun perks here, which is awesome, but sometimes I worry that I didn’t take the “right path” by not staying in Texas and getting a 9:00-5:00. However, I honestly don’t see myself in that position because as my old advisor has said, “You get bored pretty easily.” Amen.

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One thought on “Reality

  1. K,You're doing the right stuff…I PROMISE! You won't regret your time in LA. Give it everything you've got…the money will come. TRUST ME! I've been in your shoes. Here's some more of my advise…"when you do more than we are paid to do,eventually we're paid more for what we do." Zig Ziglar.Tara

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