This is the first part of a two-part blog post. There is too much to be told!

So, let’s start off the night. Michelle and I headed down Sunset and arrived at The Palladium halfway through The Bird and The Bee’s set. The lead singer sounded perfect live and their band overall was adorable. Coke was sponsoring Katy’s concert, so there were free cokes for all and a bunch of chocolate being handed out, which meant I had a sugar high before their set had ended. Let’s note that the night before I had a little too much fun and had to wake up early for work, leaving me a little tired and sluggish.
We had general admission tickets which were great because The Palladium is a great venue. Michelle got the tickets for free since her co-worker’s ex-boyfriend is the stylist for Katy. Anyway, she opened the show with “California Girls” by The Beach Boys to really set the mood. The stage was vibrant – tons of pink, blow up flamingos, a huge Katy Perry logo and a light-up heart; a band decked out in white suits and a catwalk. By the time she finally came out I was giddy with joy! She did not fail to impress.
Most of my friends know that a) I think clothing is restricting and should only be worn to accentuate, and b) I really hate pants. You could catch me running around the Theta house with an oversized tee shirt (or wifebeater) with no pants. It’s just how I roll. And nothing has changed… just ask Ali and Val. You can blame my mother. When I was little, she let me run around in my swimsuit 99% of the time. 🙂 So imagine my excitement when Katy came out in romper that was glittered to the max. She looked like a BABE. She deserves some credit.
Her performance was fantastic. Minus the mic not working for the first verse of her opening song, she handled it like a pro and continued to sing regardless of the lack of sound. By the time the mic was on she was full throttle jumping around. She might have been reading my mind because three songs in she selected a fan from the audience, pulled her on stage and had her dance around to “Hot ‘N Cold” before awarding her with a Hello Kitty guitar.
Her voice was flawless and she sounded just like the record. No autotuning at all. She plays the guitar which was awesome and her enthusiasm and energy had the crowd just as excited as she was. She also doesn’t play by the rules acting a quirky by smelling her armpits and calling people bitches.
My favorite part had to be when she came out in a catsuit, but really, a catsuit. As in pink leopard print with a tail and a pink cat mask. It was perfection.
She sang all of the favs and then some and the concert was over by 10:30. Needless to say I’m excited for the next album and tour!

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