But what I really want to do is act!

I stole that from Perez – he always used to post that on his site when some singer would start to act.

I signed up with Central Casting, an extra’s background company. I got a mysterious phone call on Wednesday from an unknown number and thankfully I clicked over because it was a casting director asking me to play one of the hostesses on Melrose Place!!!! Um, DUH, of course I’ll do it. It worked out perfectly since I had no other obligations. So the next day I did my hair up big and did my makeup and went to the assigned lot they told me to meet at. A shuttle took us to a hidden set – I had no idea this is where they filmed – and once there we signed in, got our hair (again) and makeup done and then did A LOT of waiting.
When I was getting my hair done, I was sitting in the trailer and kind of just observing everything. The stylist was very nice and maternal and was asking me a bunch of questions. I noticed I wasn’t the only person getting my hair done, so I looked over and saw a redhead with long hair… and of course, it was Ashlee, as in Simpson. I was totes hoping that she brought Bronx along and I could play with him however she did not. She has very beautiful milky white skin and she is very, very thin.
After I got my hair done I was whisked away to the set again. That consisted of me and the nine other background actors sitting, eating the free food and remaining quiet for the next four hours while they shot some scenes with the cast. The holding area we were in was within the warehouse where everything was shot, however “Melrose Place” itself was not visible to us. There was another set next to us that was a hospital… I’m thinking it may have been something from Scrubs. It really was a dream come true seeing how all of this stuff was put together.
Four and a half hours later, after hearing door slams and the same scene rehearsed over and over, they finally told us we were ready to roll with our scene! YES! I was the only hostess at this point because the other girl was late and they fired her. I was so excited to see how being n a set works because I’ve never experienced anything like that. I also was decked out in a nice cocktail dress so I kind of felt like a princess 🙂
Anyway, we made our way to the other stage where the lounge/bar was set up. It was so cool looking! But then things went downhill. They told the background actors to return to the holding area and before I knew it the A.D. (assistant director) was telling us “That’s a wrap!” Meaning, a) they were done filming for the night and b) my heart was broken. Ashlee apparently fell ill so they cancelled the scene for the night. I did get paid quite well though for five hours so I can’t complain, however while everyone else was so happy to go home I was really upset. I could have cared less if I was paid, I just really wanted to see what being on set was like.
Hopefully casting will call me and try to use me again. I guess I should have expected things like that to happen, however I was so giddy I didn’t even think about it. I was pretty let down last night, so I decided to sleep it off in hopes that more things will come my way. I slept a full 12 hours (whoa) which is rare and I woke up ready to call in to the casting line, when I got a call from them! I got booked for another show, so if things fare well I’ll let you know what and when and all that stuff.
I’m off to eat some breakfast. If you’re ever having doubts, realize that you need to walk by faith and not by sight! Seriously, the outcome is much better in the end if you acknowledge that you don’t know what’s going to happen but have faith that God will take care of you.

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