Psycho ex-girlfriend?

I love reading The Frisky (mostly because I love the word frisky… sue me) and I found this little gem of a post. If you have a good seven minutes to spare, watch the YouTube video. It’s hysterical. Breakdown: boyfriend goes on a two week backpacking trip to Europe. Boyfriend’s alleged “girlfriend” doesn’t remember (???) this, despite him telling her the night before he left. He turns off his cell phone to avoid roaming charges. Dumb dumb girlfriend has a mental breakdown and in the process e-mails him to chew him out, break up with him, confess she slept with another guy, plead for a reconciliation and then realize he was in Europe and beg for forgiveness. Needless to say it’s a little terrifying and a lot of hilarity.

I have issues with this though. Why are you dating someone so dense that they can’t bare to remember you’ll be out of town for TWO WEEKS? I mean I talk to Stu ever four or five hours so being MIA for a day and a half would be a red flag that something is up. Also, I’m finding it hard to believe a couple that sees each other frequently will have this issue at all. My verdict? She’s a complete idiot or this whole thing is fabricated.

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