If you don’t want to kill more brain cells

Look, ever since Perez and the Black Eyed Peas had their falling out, I can’t really get into the groove of reading his site. I’ll do it once a day which is a HUGE change from when I would scour his site for hours, but I still want to ween myself away from his nonsense because honestly? The only reason Perez Hilton has a hit site is because he draws penises on people’s pictures and makes fun of everyone who he’s jealous of (John Mayer, Beyonce… anyone who will have a solid career in their life). He is a cling-on, as he has “clung-on” to Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, both who have had massive success in the past year. But if they hadn’t, you can bet he’d probably make fun of Gaga for looking like Miss Piggy and relentlessly be all over Katy Perry for her outfit choices (like he does everyone else).

I don’t hate Perez, I just find it odd and cruel that he makes fun of and harps on people for things such as their looks when he’s (obviously) insecure, probably as a result of many years of hateful name calling and so on. Does anyone remember when he made fun of Billy Joel’s daughter for the way she looked? She’s not even a celebrity… totally uncalled for. Futhermore, his new butt-muncher friend Shanna Moakler who he frequently criticized on his blog is now only his friend because it’s been said by Travis Barker that Shanna and Perez were working to “set up” Carrie Prejean to lose her title. I mean, if someone is going to act like a complete dumb@$$, great, go ahead and call them out, but leave their looks out of it.

So, me, not to be one to take things lying down, figured out where P gets all his gossip from because I don’t want to be on his site anymore. I already stopped following him on Twitter, that was easy enough considering half the time he was fighting with Spencer Pratt about his flesh colored beard and the other times telling Miley Cyrus to pray and let Jesus fill her heart and remove her alleged skank chromosome that he is convinced she has.
But back to getting off his site — Let’s be honest, when you read a post that is inclusive to Perez, it’s nothing too fabulous. It’s either about a secret show he’s holding for fans with either a) Mika, b) Mika and c) Mika (I love M, don’t get me wrong); Some crap about an artist he is promoting, a “frequent my site!!!” post; a very rare, taunting and deceptive “Not so blind item” post, which actually IS a blind item because at one point he posted something that said some “up-in-coming” actor got some 23-year-old waitress pregnant, which EVERYONE assumed was Zac Efron and it was really some random dude I’ve never heard of. I went ahead and defeated my whole purpose by going to the site to get this screengrab:
Anyway, do yourself a favor and read these sites if you want the dirt — he basically pulls all of that info from these sites anyway, so at least you’ll get immediate info right when it breaks:
Celeb news:
Job loss/Economic Issues
CNN, duh – that’s where he gets his “RIP (insert company name here)” posts
Up-in-coming Movies, Box Office updates, TV news, etc.
The Hollywood Reporter (this is my home page. It’s an industry standard but in case you haven’t heard, go ahead and look at it daily if you’re wanting to be in the biz)
Hope this helps. I started piecing it together when I would go to all of these aforementioned sites and then go to his and a few hours later he was posting the same info.
Not trying to burn down the man’s empire but seriously, he needs an attitude change. However I’m sure as a journalist he respects my opinion (or not, because I’d be merely a minion in his eyes).

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