Just Sayin’…

You know what’s rude? When I tell you my name and then you compare me to a pink, fluffy marshmallow Nintendo character. That is offensive. Not to mention lame, because I’ve heard it A MILLION BLOODY TIMES. Also, it’s a terrible way to start small talk. You know. By pissing me off.

Furthermore, acting like it’s weird that my name is Kirbie isn’t going to win you any bonus points. “Oh, I am surprised your name is Kirbie,” does not make me find you or your comments interesting. You don’t know me, so how could you be surprised in the first place? Are you surprised my name isn’t Jessica like every other girl born in 1986? (BTW: I have ground to lay on for this one – look it up)
I know this is something I will need to get over. I’ve already gotten past telling people my name in bars. They always think I’m saying “Herby” or “Kirsten” so I just let them think whatever they want. I also bypassed being concerned about how Starbucks spells my name on their cup. I know it will inevitably come out “Kerby.”

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One thought on “Just Sayin’…

  1. First of all since I am your Mom and I chose that name for you I will jump in on that one. I named you Kirbie because it was and still is a beautiful and UNIQUE name. It is a name fitting for and perfect for a beautiful, unique, intelligent and ambitious young woman such as MY daughter. No matter what her name, compared to the person for whom this blog entry was written, she is far and away the better person.Jealousy rears it's head in so many ways . It's just too bad people feel the only thing they can come up with is to make fun of someone's name. Fortunately for Kirbie she is a strong and secure young woman who will not let others bring her to their level. Unfortunately for those who try it, they will never get the unique opportunity to know the amazing, gorgeous, talented… KIRBIE KIRBIE KIRBIE

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