Sweet Dream or Beautiful Nightmare

Beyonce was last night. Isn’t it fun when you can refer to someone by their first name and only their first name? Like when I refer to Justin you all instantly know I’m referring to LOML Justin Randall Timberlake. Funny story actually, my Mom was on the phone with last week and goes, “Kirb, maybe your destiny wasn’t to move to Cali to find a job. I think it was to find Justin Timberlake and marry him.” You know what? That’s probably right. You people must feel terrible for my amazing boyfriend Stewart, but let’s be honest, Stu, you will probably be a bachelor for life because you love to party and you and your friends will all be partying bachelors together. My mom thinks I’m probably giving him a complex since I talk about how I’m going to marry JT but Stu doesn’t take me seriously enough to have a complex about that type of thing.

Back to Beyonce…

We got to The Staples Center around 7:30 right after the opening act performed. It’s weird because on tickets here they don’t announce who the opener is! Bizarre! Lauren’s grandpa has a suite so when we arrived we were greeted by the delicious smell of food. I promise you the best way to do anything is in a suite – see a concert, watch a game, stay in a hotel – and we were definitely not disappointed. Our box was stage left and pretty close so we had a great view of B and all of the goings on.

I have never seen Beyonce before, but I know pop music and this woman is invincible! She can’t be touched. Seriously, after 10 *NSYNC concerts, four JT and a few B. Spears mixed in between, I thought nobody could surpass their glory. But I was sorely mistaken because B knows what’s going on. First off, she had a main stage that was not completely surrounded by the eventspace, which is good for everyone because if you paid a million dollars for front row tickets then you deserve to be up close 95% of the time, not a few times like when they have the “three rings” set up and they’re constantly moving around it (i.e. Britney Spears’ Circus tour and JT’s Future Sex/Love Show). Then in the middle of the crowd she has a diamond shaped center stage which allowed for the rest of the crowd to get a good look-see.

She started around 8:30 and it was a non-stop performance! There wasn’t a ton of waiting around for a grand entrance which was nice. The lights went down, the curtains opened, the music started and she walked out on stage and started dancing to “Crazy in Love.” The woman can sing and not to mention dance! We were all in awe watching her move like that and sing so flawlessly. She is even more beautiful in the flesh and she knows what the fans like, so she was constantly throwing guitar picks into the crowd and sweat rags to crazed fans. At one point she got the name of a fan-extroidinaire and sang it throughout “Say My Name.” She flew over the crowd to the center stage, she ran through them to get back on the main stage. She was rolling on the ground, dipping it low, bending over backwards; kicking, screaming, shaking… every move possible. At one point she left the stage and walked the front row and took pics with fans. There was this little girl, probably seven-years-old, who was shown several times during the performance on the big screen because she knew every word to every song and she was totally getting into it. So Beyonce approaches her and the little girl is just singing – intently – and B hands her the microphone and she just sings her little heart out to Beyonce. It was so precious. The girl’s mom was crying so all of us were tearing up too, it was just that touching! It made her whole night probably.

Anyway, nobody can say that Beyonce isn’t the hardest working woman in show business. She’s not an alcoholic, she doesn’t have any scandals and she really is talented. We all got motivated to get a Beyonce bod so rock-hard legs here I come.

Before the show, some fans started freaking out. Loud screams ensued; flashes were going off. I figured out it was a celeb but we don’t know who! I’m sure there were many there. Lauren saw Leona Lewis in the parking garage which was cool… I was just hoping that Jay-Z was going to pop out and do a performance with her. It didn’t happen though 😦

I had a great time with some fabulous girls! Afterward we hit up Les Deux’s Rock Monday and had a blast. The band was playing my favs from Third Eye Blind and anytime there is a cover band I get to my happy place. My new goal is to never pay for drinks and if I do then I shouldn’t drink anyway. Lucky (or unlucky, depending on how you look at it) for me we got the hookup and didn’t have to pay for anything all night… I know, my whopping one drink was taken care of but still, it’s the principal of it all that matters.

I’m still a tad stressed about not having a real job yet so I’m going to go and think up ways to make Valentina famous so I can start producing her tours.

Love ya.

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