Music Monday

Okay. I know I did this on Friday, but according to Twitter it’s #Music Monday. So I’ve decided to let you all in on some of my favorites covers!

1. Change, T.Pain, Akon, Mary J. Blige, Diddy
You know you’ve become universal when your song is remade by the rap crew. I can’t help but laugh everytime I hear T.Pain start singing “If I Could Change the World” after Diddy’s intro because seriously, this version is so far from the original… it’s like Christina Aguilera from 1998 – now. Do yourself a favor and download it because it’s actually really catchy.
2. Lose Your Love, Katy Perry
Originally by The Outfield, Katy’s version appeared on Perez Hilton circa 2007 and I fell in love. First of all, I’m a seriously huge 80s fan. If a club plays 80s, you can be I’ll be there all the time. Second, this prepared me for Katy and my soon-to-be obsession with her.
3. I Think that she Knows, John Mayer
You can’t actually download this song, but it’s lovely to listen to. John covers JT’s Lovestoned/I Thanks That She Knows interlude and it’s amazing to watch him play it. It also sounds amazing. A nice performance of my favorite part of that song… it’s so euphoric to listen to that I’d call it a religious experience.
4. Time After Time, Quietdrive
This song was the soundtrack to my life at one point. I listened to it on repeat, it was my ringtone – to this day I can’t skip over it when it appears on shuffle. I think it was publicized in “John Tucker Must Die” but I’ve never seen it so I can’t vouch. But the song puts a nice spin on the Cyndi Lauper Classic.
5. Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Greg Laswell/Miley Cyrus
Speaking of Cyndi, you can’t think of her without thinking of Girls Just Want to Have Fun. It’s an anthem, really, so I love hearing new covers. Greg’s isn’t so much new – it premiered on The Hills a few years ago. Miley covered hers on “Breakout”, her first solo album, and I love love love the strings that are going on.

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