Quarter-Life Crisis?

This has been the weirdest, craziest, luckiest, phenomenal, fabulous week ever!!! Sure, there have been a few downers, but those will work themselves out. Not to fret. I guess I should explain myself.

First of all, I had the SCARIEST DREAM last Thursday night. It was so bizarre. A synopsis: I was at the tanning salon (my current place of employment) and I realized I was pregnant – nine months to be exact. I wasn’t showing or anything so I was a tad confused. My mom and aunt were with me and I kept thinking there was no way I could be pregant, until I heard something come from my stomach. Turns out, it was the baby. “MOM! HELP! GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!” It (girl? boy? I couldn’t tell at this point) was yelling through my womb for help. Oh my God. This is about the time I started crying and telling my mom that I didn’t want to have a kid because it was going to hurt. Her response? “Ya, it’s terrible.” Great. So I’m not only popping out a kid in a TANNING SALON who happens to be able to speak in coherent, full sentences, but my mother isn’t even giving me some BS response to help ease my nerves.

Luckily I woke up.

Crazy stuff started going on last Thursday though. I met (via a phone call) Tara, who is a) a gem and b) my new official mentor. I realized how lucky and blessed I am to have professionals with real experience put so much faith in me. I met her yesterday in person and she even went through my portfolio and gave me real feedback! It was amazing. Please check her out – Tara Wilson Events – she’s FABULOUS. She’s also on twitter so be sure to follow her SvyGrl. Check out her blog Tara’s tips.

Which leads me toooo Chic Events. Tara referred me to them and they are just as fabulous and she is! I have chatted with both Rachel and Erika and we found that we have a lot of common, as well as a fascination for “Would you rather” questions. For example, would you rather be a man with huge, perky breasts? Or a woman with a stubbly, thick black mustache?! I really don’t know. I think you could get a breast reduction, but a man who isn’t overweight but has huge boobs is just odd. And laser hair removal doesn’t cure everything! Anyway, both Rachel and Erika were awesome and I instantly felt a fun, friendly connection with them over the phone. We will see what happens, as I’m currently having a quarter-life crisis (thank you John Mayer lyrics) and all my plans have taken a completely different direction starting yesterday. I guess it’s better to be confused out of your mind instead of bored… but seriously God, if you’re listening, I need an intervention to help me figure out what I’m doing here. It’s getting ridic. Check Rachel and Erika out at www.mychiclife.com! And of course on twitter.

I can’t type anymore. I’m out. Have a great Thursday.

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