Men, men, men, men

First of all, I don’t care how you stumbled upon this blog — maybe you found me on Google images, perhaps you were thwarted over here as a result of a tweet, or maybe my incessant pleads on Facebook have started to pay off.  Regardless, if you are reading this sentence right now, THANK YOU!  I might not be paid for this little horse and pony blog, but I love writing it and I hope you enjoying reading it just as much.

Further, I want to give a big shout out to all of the male readers.  I get more feedback from men than from women!  You apparently like the posts, and you make it known.  Doesn’t matter what the post is about either.  It can be a fall fashion bit for men, it can be about growing as a Christian, it can be about Dianna Agron’s eyelash extensions or a post on what women like — no matter what, you guys take some initiative (impressive, I must add) and let me know that you’re liking the posts! 

For any writer, feedback is amazing, whether it’s good or bad.  I really appreciate the reception the male audience has had with KG2H and maybe I should start catering more to the male population!

By the way, please vote on the blog name.  I need to renew all my domains soon and I am trying to figure out how to more forward!  I love Kirbie Goes to Hollywood, however I don’t feel like it represents the blog fully anymore because this is not a gossip/celebrity site; it’s a lifestyle and opinion blog. 

Last thing: any recommendations for a great web design team (near of far) would be so helpful!  I’m not loaded but I’d be willing to pay for someone to help me convert the blog into a full-fledged site!

– Kirbie

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