And that’s the truth

Things happen for a reason, and that’s the truth.

Last night I had a pity party for myself.  It was real cute, trust me.  I knew going into it that I should knock it off, suck it up and forge ahead.  That nothing was really that bad, that I was just complacent, anxious and feeling impatient — and mostly exhausted.  If you guessed that I was having another quarter-life crisis about my career, you’d be correct!

Of course today would be the day I decide to throw this pity party.  I was running on four hours sleep.  I had just left my family and the wonderful comforts of home.  I was informed that one of my dogs has eight lymphomas on his tiny little body, and that if the steroids we give him don’t work that we’ll probably have to put him to sleep.  Pretty much a glass case of emotion ready to burst, but nothing so awful that it called for tears.  I mean, my dog is still alive!  I’m going to see my family again in three weeks!  And I’ll be able to sleep soon enough…

I called my mother to cry about it and I knew what she was going to do… offer alternatives, make me think about things rationally.  But everything was just soooo devastating!  Be on my side!  I’m pitiful!  It’s when you really want your parents to give in to your dramatic antics that they start treating you like an adult.

My mom’s phone was about to die, so my dad called me.  He’s very calm and rational and just like any dad, he doesn’t want his daughter upset about anything.  He put everything into perspective for me, as usual, and after a few deep breaths I was fine.

After talking to him (and the follow-up call from my mom mocking how my life was surely over), I remembered something I had read during my quiet time this morning.

“God is too wise to ever make a mistake and too loving to ever do anything unkind.”  

I wish I knew who said that, because I want to hug them.  Isn’t that the most amazing thing you’ve ever read?  When times are tough, when things aren’t going according to your plan, when you have no idea why things are or aren’t happening or what will come next, just remember that none of what is or isn’t happening is a mistake.  It’s all a part of His plan for you.   And his love for you is so immense; He is not of worldly flesh, He is the one person in the entire universe that does everything in your best interest and will never, ever hurt you.  He does everything for your good.

And just like my earthly father, My Father in Heaven puts everything into perspective.  He makes it all okay again.

At the end of the day, that’s the truth.

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