Hey everyone!

I hope your Thanksgiving was peaceful and filled with laughs and those you love. I was able to fly home on a red-eye early Wednesday morning and got my break off to a relaxing start — a chiropractor appointment, a massage and then lots of sleep. We drove down to Houston on Thursday to celebrate with the entire fam! Our plans were to skeet shoot today but it got rained out (too bad, I was looking forward to learning how to shoot a gun)! Such a maverick I am…

Now I’m home, curled up on the couch watching tv and sitting by the fire. It actually feels like winter here!

It’s funny how this blog has become such a large part of me. I’m constantly thinking “that would make a great blog!” I have lots to post about once I get to my laptop.

Hope everyone is enjoying the break and reflecting on what means most to them; celebrating family and love. Also, hope no one got trampled on Black Friday and GO ARIZONA!

— Kirbie

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