Free promotion for all, because Lord knows I give enough away

If you’re going to be home and bored to death this week, take my advice and engage your mind in some visual and writing HUMOR.  I was introduced to 2 Birds, 1 Blog this week and let me tell you something (I would insert a colon here but my boss’ keyboard does not have that function for whatever reason.  Please don’t ask why I’m using my boss’ computer or why I’m in his office in the first place) — the Meg persona of the blog is reading my mind.  I especially love her recent blogs on the traumatizing nature of Charlotte’s Web and her pursuit to bring back any childhood fears I may have had with her post regarding tragic children’s movies.  It’s a must read.  WARNING (friggen colon) if you are not keen on profanity I might nix this blog all together.  However, the profanity compliments the hilarity of what she’s talking about.  To each his (her) own.  You’ll be crying of laughter or crying in despair.

Another favorite is Cake Wrecks.  I don’t know where some people come up with these shenanigans — I thought you had to attend school to become a professional cake artist? — but the results are hilarious.  The blog mostly outlines the absolutely terrible, but also features some pretty awesome works as well.

I’m amazing!

In case you missed out on the emotional rollercoaster that was “Oprah’s Favorite Things,” do yourself a favor and read (or view, rather) Faces of the Last Season of Oprah.  It’s pretty much the holy grail for Oprah fans, considering half the reason I watch the special is to see the viewer’s expressions when she blindsides them with a car, cashmere sweaters or a luxury brownie pan, and the other half is to see Oprah’s expressions while announcing all the gifts.  Now you can relive them all.  I doubt anything will ever top the “EVERY BROWNIE HAS AN EDGE!” quote but she sure as hell try!

Lastly, I spend hours on Blind Gossip because it incorporates two of my favorite things (colon) research and celebrity culture.  I’m serious.  I’m an encyclopedia of celebrity information and you can pretty much bet money on that.  Doesn’t matter if it’s facts or opinions, you should consider it the Bible when it comes to entertainment news and you heard it from me.  Also, I have this weird obsession awesome quality that makes me want to know EVERYTHING.  I don’t want to know about your job, I want to know about your boss.  I want to know how tall you are and where you were born.  I also want to know these things about celebrities.  I pretty much know every person that’s ever existed in popular culture astrological sign.  I’m not proud but the point is that I LOVE research. So now that there is a site strictly of blind items that forces me to research who the object of the post could be, it’s a complete free for all for my brain.

Hopefully these sites will help you waste some hours while in you’re in a turkey-induced coma!

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