Men’s Fall/Winter Attire

Guys, contrary to popular belief, slapping on some hair gel and an Affliction tee isn’t going to make you a babe magenet.  It might work for Pauly D, but that’s about it. 

I can’t speak for all women, but most of us enjoy a guy with a nice, relaxed sense of style.  Meaning he understands what looks good, can dress nice when appropriate and prefers jeans and a t-shirt to any other outfit.  He owns a nice pair of jeans, can rock a sweater and collared shirt at work, doesn’t look like a poser in a pair of Converse and would rather be wearing basketball shorts and a college tee.  Something that weirds me out to no end is when a guy is REALLY into shopping.  Like, he knows too much about designers and dresses better than me.  NO thank you.  Please allow me to the be the fashionista in the relationship and dress you in nice threads when necessary.  Not that we don’t appreciate guys that can coordinate a “trendy” outfit without us having to hold their hand, but when a guy would rather go shopping than watch a football game, it’s a total deal breaker.

Why am I qualified to give you advice on what to wear?  Well, I’m not really, except one of my many side-jobs is styling men for The Haberdasher.  So I do have some idea as to what looks good and what doesn’t.  I’m the resident “southern” chick, so my ideas are more laid-back and masculine than everyone else.

Anyway, here are some looks that I can dig.  Actually, any woman can dig.  And you’ll like it too!

Exhibit A:  Relaxation Station
There is nothing MORE attractive (in my humble opinion) then when a man wears a thermal in the winter time.  Holy moly.  Especially when he has some arms to show off.  Seriously drool-worthy!  It looks so effortless and they’re really comfortable (I should know, I buy men’s thermals at Target).  Not like you guys wear things to make you look hot, but like I mentioned these items are super comfy.  PS: This outfit is ideal for Thankgiving…!

Exhibit B: Casual v. Business
For whatever reason, I think a lot of you guys are scared of a nice coat.  But it’s essential you get one because the last thing you want to wear to a nice dinner or a work function is a windbreaker or ski jacket.  A toggle hooded coat is an alternative that’s masculine, effective (keeps you warm) and looks good!  Wear it to work over a sweater/button up combo or with a crew neck and jeans. 

Exhibit C: Wool peacoat
Here’s another option for a coat.  This one is a wool peacoat from Calvin Klein.  DISCLAIMER:  these coats can be expensive, but they’re worth the investment because they’re well-made and never go out of style.  Again, wearing it with a crewneck is amazing because crewnecks are basically body sculptors… they show off your best assets (a win-win for everyone).

Exhibit D:  LA fall and winter/ Texas in the fall
Here in Los Angeles, we’re lucky if we push 50 degrees during the holidays.  It sucks!  I wish we had legit seasons around here.  And in Texas, it gets cool in the fall, but it’s not like you need a puffy jacket to keep warm.  Regardless, it does get a little blustery at times in both the City of Angels and the Great State.  Match a flannel, thermal or v-neck sweater with your favorite pair of jeans, bundle up with a button-up sweater and voila!  You’re good to go.  Plus, I love these shoes!  They look casual-cool.

Exhibit E: Everything else
Here are some other looks that are comfortable and the ladies dig!  Hoodies are always a good thing, mixing and matching browns with neutrals is a put-together look, and the Speedo Deck Boat Shoe is a huge hit with all the men in my family.  (Nice trend you’ve started Uncle Mark!)

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