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At work, I sit at the front and get to hear all of the top stories on Headline News.  Two stories that really caught my attention are due to their emotional nature:

  • Bodies of two women, 10-year-old boy found in hollow tree
    • This story is so disturbing that I can barely even comment on it.  On November 10th, two women and the boy went missing, along with a 13-year-old girl, Sarah.  They found the girl inside the home of Matthew Hoffman, who allegedly told authorities the locations of the other three bodies.  Sarah is alive and “doing well,” but I can’t imagine what kind of trauma she went through, especially so close to the holidays.  Bless her and please pray for her and her family.
  • Woman paralyzed by best friend at Bachelorette Party
    • Ladies, imagine having a great night with all of your friends to celebrate your upcoming nuptials.  Playfully, your best friend pushes you into the pool.  Next thing you know, you’re paralyzed from the neck down; you can’t feel your legs or your hands.  Your wedding is a month away.  That is what strong and resilient Sarah Friedman went through.  Her wedding is on hold because they cannot afford it currently.  Her medical bills are piling up — to have a catheter it costs around $2,000 a month for equipment.  She can’t afford to have a lift so she can get to the second floor of her home.  Throughout all this, she isn’t placing blame on anyone, even her best friend.  I can’t say I’d be any different — if Erin or Jen pushed me in a pool and paralyzed me, there’s no way I could be upset with them.  They’d still be my best friends too.
    • I feel so terrible for this girl.  Just a month before marrying the love of her life, everything changed.  I hope her fiance is an excellent man and sticks by her through all of the upcoming changes they’re bound to endure.

This isn’t a news story, but definitely can be applied to prayer requests.  My mom’s very dear friend, Melanie, has been undergoing chemo for a tumor.  While she remains positive and in high spirits, her tumor actually grew in size instead of shrinking.  Please pray for Melanie and her family.  It’s been a very strenuous process and I know my mom is anerved, worrying about Melanie’s health.  Please pray for peace of mind and a speedy recovery for Melanie!  Through God anything is possible, and I fully believe in time that this turmor will be completely eliminated from her body.

Thanks everyone! 

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