Reason #5842 that I love Ellen

Yesterday I got a phone call at work from an 818 number.  I usually don’t answer my cell at work, but I was pretty intrigued as to who would be calling me at 3:00 in the afternoon from Northern Los Angeles.  I answered and it turned out to be a staff member from Ellen!

Apparently they call random viewers who write in to the show to check in and create profiles on them in case they write in again, etc.  Who knew?  I wrote in a few months ago because I wanted to surprise my mom with something (still keeping that on the DL in case it happens) and I guess they read it! 

They also asked me if I was Justin Timberlake’s biggest fan.  First off, yes.  I can’t even explain to you the lengths that I am a fan of his.  He might be questionable at times, and I might be hard on him, but it’s only for the best.  Also, I don’t know anyone else that was idiotic enough to perm their hair in 8th grade just so they could “have something in common” with him. (Not like I was immune to a perm — my mom practically made a living out of perming my hair as a child.)  And finally, I was pretty much a roadie on every *NSYNC tour because my Mom was constantly lugging me and my best friend Jennifer to every concert they had in Texas.  Dedication at its best.

A tad bizarre that they’d ask me this though.  Did they magically know that I loved him?  Does my affection for him shine like a light from my soul?  I might have written in about him but I really can’t remember at this point; writing letters about why I should meet and/or work with/for Justin is pretty much like washing my hair.  Happens every two days.

All (semi) kidding aside, I think it’s cool that Ellen cares about her fans to just call them and catch up!  Talk about consumer relationships.  I was surprised and delighted to hear from the show! 

PS Ellen, if you ever read this, I need to work for you.  I have impeccable research skills, love to dance and live for pranking people.  Ideal employee right here.

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