Bone to pick: Cheating on yo’ wife, Part II

The other side of the Tony/Eva escapades is the ladies’ role in it all.  Yes guys, I’m aware it takes two to tango, so here’s my two cents on the other woman.

Dear Other Women of America,

You make me vomit.  You’re the scum between my toes.


In all seriousness, you’re despicable.  How can you live with yourself?  Actually, I feel sorry for you.  What kind of self esteem must you have to go so low to help a man cheat on his woman?  I don’t care if he’s married or just in a relationship, if he’s committed in any way it’s wrong!

I love how everyone praises Angelina Jolie for being a saint and ending wars and saving malnourished babies from poverty, yet they all barely raise an eyebrow when someone is quick to remind them that she STOLE ANOTHER WOMAN’S HUSBAND.   Granted Brad Pitt doesn’t seem like too upstanding of man for giving in the first place, but Angelina has some nerve.  Note:  I actually kind of respect Brad for not jumping into marriage again.  At least he knows he’s attractive and can’t promise to commit legally.

Ladies, when did we start perpetrating on other women’s men?  Please use your brains: if he’s cheating on his wife, he’s gonna cheat on you.  You’re not going to magically change him.  Take this advice to heart.

Also, why would you want to be the other woman?  I just don’t get that.  When I’m with someone, I want him all to myself.  Not in the crazy way.  I’m all about independence and separate social circles and having freedom, but there is not a chance in bloody, fiery Hell that I’m going to be okay letting my man kiss and do God knows what else with another women — let alone WILLINGLY let this happen.  Do you not feel like you’re worth more than that?  That you’re worth having a commitment from someone?  Worth being someone’s top priority?  Scratch that, his only priority?  Yeah, obviously not if you’re willing to be his sexual gratification and then let him go home to another woman.

So ladies, here’s another PSA.  Get your head right.  You’re better than all these shenanigans.  Just because someone shows interest in you doesn’t mean you have to give in!  Show restraint, keep it classy and make the right decision.

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