Bone to Pick: Cheating on yo’ wife, Part I

Well people, I can’t ignore the giant elephant in the room.  Everyone is talking about Eva Longoria and Tony Parker.  While I would want people to respect my privacy and not talk about my personal relationships, you can’t overlook the fact that there has been claims of foul play in the relationship, i.e. 100s of texts between Parker and his teammate’s wife.  Yikes.

First off, what is it with athletes?  Do you guys think you’re so awesome that you can get away with cheating on women like EVA LONGORIA?  You’re on crack.  I’m sorry.  Crack!!!

Second, maybe it’s this “instant gratification” type of world we live in now… where we expect what we want when we want it and have no patience or restraint.  Maybe that’s why the obesity epidemic keeps getting worse.  Regardless, it’s mediocre to cheat on your wife.  Live an excellent life!  We all have temptation, it’s those of us that choose to avoid it and keep ourselves accountable that are distinguished from the mediocre types.

SHOW SELF RESTRAINT.  Damn.  This is getting me all kinds of pissed off.  I know it’s not the Christian thing to go off like this and perhaps I should just say “Bless his heart” and be done with it, but I can’t.  Enough is enough. (Probably not showing much restraint here… but this is my blog.)

The tipping point for me was today at work when someone (a male) told me that allegedly Eva found these text messages, which meant she was snooping around in Tony’s phone and that’s invasion of privacy and wrong on her part.

After steam shot out of my ears and I bit my tongue hard enough to make it bleed, I looked at his ring finger and noticed he was married.  I was going to go into my “put yourself in her shoes” bit, but realized this guy was probably cheating on his wife anyway so I kept my mouth shut.

Here’s my point: guys, if you have nothing to hide, it shouldn’t matter if your wife (girlfriend, fiance) looks at your text messages.  Is it intrusive?  Sure.  Trust becomes an object of discussion.  But I have to tell you that you are on drugs if you think your significant other hasn’t been through your phone.  Women are masterminds at these types of shenanigans.  And don’t get all hot and bothered —  most of the time, it’s not because she doesn’t trust you, it’s because she’s curious (the other part is because she doesn’t trust you, and probably has reason not to… a woman’s intuition is better than a GPS when it comes to guidance).  My point is what does it matter if you have nothing to hide?  I just don’t get it.  If my hypothetical boyfriend went through my phone, I could not give two craps considering all he’d be reading about is beauty product recommendations with Haley, texts from my Mom calling me a baby dumb, endless convos about where my girlfriends and I want to go to dinner or out that weekend and regular gossip to Bailey and Erin.

Guys get real defensive about this.  “It’s our phone!”  Um, that makes you a trifling suspect (in my opinion).  You men don’t care if we have to wash your underwear with skidmarks on them, as long as they get washed; you also don’t seem to mind if you fart or puke in front of us, so why in the world should you care if your girlfriend or wife reads your texts?  UNLESS you’re trying to hide something, which is my point.  Every guy that gets pissed about this is probably texting another chick inappropriately or really is having an affair, and that’s grounds for a break-up in my opinion.

So ladies, here’s a public service announcement for you: it’s not bad to want to be enough for your man.  That’s right.  You don’t have to share him with anyone.  If you are, run.  Run fast.  Because there is someone else out there who will think you’re the best thing that ever happened to him and will not have eyes another living soul.  Truth.  And men?  Have some self respect and stop living a mediocre life.

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