Dear Prince William,

it’s about friggin time!

It was officially announced today after various rumors last week that Prince Willy and Kate Middleton are now engaged.  How delightful!  Mom, you can stop crying now.  Yes, another dream of my mother’s when I was a child was that I would marry Prince William and be just like Princess Diana.  (Dream = shattered.)

Home boy and KM have been dating for EIGHT YEARS, albeit on and off.  That is commitment right there.  While I’m all about taking things slow, I think when you know, you know.  And Prince William probably did know Kate would be his (literal) queen a long time ago.  So why the wait?

Apparently, Big Willy Style had to graduate from college and go through military training since, apparently, he’s going to be ruler of the free world at some point.  Details, details.  (I kid.)

Mostly, this is as terrific day for all women.  Why?  Well, Kate Middleton was just a simple girl (in comparison to the Prince — her family actually has millions after her mum started own party supply company) who decided to embark on furthering her education and met the fancy of Prince William.  Now she gets to wear big, extravagant hats and probably drinks tea with the Queen, taking notes and learning what it will be like, because girlfriend is going to be Queen someday herself!  See ladies?  Anything can happen.  (That is my PSA for the day.)

Congrats to both William and Kate.  I think it is quite the tragedy that media had to place so much attention on this engagement; Kate probably knew it was coming before Willy popped the question.  Talk about taking the surprise out of it all! 

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