Verbal Diarrhea

The funny thing about being from Texas is everyone here thinks I’m conservative… and everyone in Texas thinks I’m liberal.  Let me be clear: I am very, VERY moderate.  I did not vote for McCain or Obama because, frankly?  I didn’t agree with either of their platform whole-heartedly, and I felt like McCain might keel over and die in office and that Obama is the next JFK, and we all know how that story ended.

Just sayin’.

Most people hate moderates because they stay we don’t stand up for a lot of things.  I’m going to call B.S. on that one, because if you know me at all you know I’ll run circles around you proving cases and  making points.  I have no qualms telling a stranger smoking a cigarette that they are going to die, telling people with psychological disorders to get on medications and seek therapy; that if you live a selfish life, you will die alone, that if you don’t put in effort and stop being lazy — even for the smallest things, like washing your dishes or taking the grocery cart back to the bin — you will not be blessed and reap the benefits that you are pining over.  My point?  I stand up and believe in a lot of things, but I’m not going to get all hot and bothered other the whole liberal/conservative stance.  At least not right now.

Anyway, this whole post has been spawned by an e-mail I received tonight by someone whom I have not had any contact with in probably five or six years.  Why this person feels compelled to send these mindless (however ironically they feel are compelling, intuitive and deep) mass e-mails to people (such as myself) who could literally give two craps about their political BS is beyond me, yet this is the second one I’ve received.   Frankly, I cannot even bear to read through the whole thing because I know I would end up just feeling embarrassed for this person.   I am all about freedom of speech, but say it on your own time, to people willing to listen — don’t directly e-mail me and advise me to read your recent website post.  You guys come here and read my blog because you felt inclined to do so.  Perhaps you like this blog . Perhaps you’re making fun of me with your friends.  Perhaps you’re envious, perhaps you hate me and need more fuel for your fire.  Regardless, you’re here reading all of these words without me soliciting you to do so.  I would at least like the same courtesy, is that so much to ask?  Furthermore, you don’t know my political stance.  While I’m very much moderate (I’m sure I’ll get more conservative or liberal as I get older) and I respect everyone’s opinions, you have to be cognizant of your audience.  It’s like a right-wing conservative coming to West Hollywood and preaching about how gays should not be legally married.  I can guarantee you will not have a ton of support from Santa Monica Boulevard, the Kingdom for the Gays.  The same could be said if the situation was reversed.

So seriously, if you want me to respect anything you have to say, maybe take some time to really figure out who you’re trying to reach and not just start spewing out verbal diarrhea to make a point.  Especially since your post seems to negate those of us who “agree to disagree” in social situations instead of making a stink and therefore making things incredibly awkward.  I’m all about intellectual stimulation, but spare me.

Anyway, I pity this person and any other poor soul who happened to receive this mass e-mail of complete and utter crap.  Hate to be blunt but someone’s gotta say it.

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