Demi Moore calls out Kim Kardashian

If you’re a regular person in the club having a girls night out, you wouldn’t think twice about tweeting Jay-Z’s song “Big Pimpin'” if you felt inclined to.  But if you’re Kim Kardashian, all hell can break lose by mentioning a simple song title.

@Mrskutcher, or for all of you non-tweeple, Demi Moore, proceeded to interrogate Kardashian on the meaning of a tweet and then moved forward to create a, in her own words, “shit storm” regarding slavery and using words with desensitized meanings.

Moore, who has launched a campaign with husband @aplusk (Ashton Kutcher) to end child slavery, was concerned with this tweet:

“@KimKardashain: – Big pimpin w @SerenaJWilliams@LaLaVazquez @Kelly_Rowland Love u girls!”

In which Moore responded with:

@mrskutcher: “@KimKardashian: Are you using the word “pimpin” as in pimping?  No disrespect I love a girls night out but a pimp and pimping is nothing more than a slave owner!”

Kim, being a good sport, replied it was merely a song and that she was enjoying her GNO, while Demi went on and refuted that taking risks creates conversation and makes change; we are desensitizing words that originally have a bad connotation.  While her efforts and goodwill are commendable, Kim was stating the name of the song and if Demi has a real issue with the use of the word then she should probably take that up with Jay-Z, the one who is actually promoting the desensitization of the word.

In school, I took a class on semantics.  It was a little bizarre, but I got a lot out of it.  We watched videos and read articles that used profane, ignorant, racist, bigoted and slurred comments within them, but what our professor was trying to teach us is that words mean different things to everyone, and that maybe words should be considered through their intended meanings; not literally and not through emotion.  Of course there are words that are meant to be offensive, but we as humans have analyzed other words so much that we are unable to see what the intended meaning is.  For instance, most would consider the word “mammy” to be offensive and a racial slur.  It’s a word that’s meaning has been turned into slur, and by definition is said to be “loud, overweight black woman.”  However originally it’s a variation of the word “mother.”  My mom called her grandmother “Mammy” as a term of endearment instead of calling her grandma.  So that one word went through a transformation from a normal noun to a slur.

Should we put more consideration into the words we use?  Will you start considering how you use certain words?

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