So remember that book by Malcolm Gladwell I recommended a few months ago, Outliers? Basically it chronicles why people who are successful are that way and why people who are not continuously fail. It outlines different living conditions as well as when they were born and all that stuff.

This got me wondering. Well, the book didn’t. It was tonight after my workout when I was watching the DVRd Oprah where Ellen was a special guest. I realized that I just adore both of them and decided to find out more about them.
As I looked each lady up, I found something interesting. Ellen, who’s 51, was born on January 26th; Oprah is January 29th (three years earlier). I then started thinking about people I consider huge celebrities, icons and influences for my generation and decided to check out all of their birthdays. Here’s the list:
Justin Timberlake, 1/31 (know this like the back of my hand)
Britney Spears, 12/2
Brad Pitt, 12/18
Oprah, 1/29
Ellen, 1/26
Steven Spielberg, 12/18
Taylor Swift, 12/13
Miley Cyrus, 11/23
Christina Aguilera, 12/18
Woody Allen, 12/1
Ozzy Osbourne, 12/3
Tyra Banks, 12/4
Jay-Z, 12/4
Walt Disney, 12/5
Dick Van Dyke, 12/13
Spike Jones, 12/14
Keith Richards, 12/18
Ty Cobb, 12/18
Phil Donahue, 12/21
Diane Sawyer, 12/22
Lady Bird Johnson, 12/22
Susan Lucci, 12/23
Ryan Seacrest, 12/24
Mary Tyler Moore, 12/29
Tiger Woods, 12/30
Eli Manning, 1/3
Mel Gibson, 1/3
Katie Couric, 1/7
Elvis, 1/8
Dave Matthews, 1/9
Crystal Gayle, 1/9
Pat Benetar, 1/10
Rod Stewart, 1/10
Howard Stern, 1/12
Rush Limbaugh, 1/12
Benedict Arnold, 1/14
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 1/15
Muhammed Ali, 1/17
Benjamin Franklin, 1/17
Dolly Parton, 1/19
I could go on, but it is ironic that some of the most iconic celebrities were born in the December/January months? Weirds me out. It also suggests some of the most famous people are under the sign of Sagittarius, Capricorn or Aquarius… basically my success may be in the stars! 🙂

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