Dear God? It’s me, again…

Well I’m sure God has me out here in Cali for various reasons and purposes… and he knows that my life will be charmed and blessed in my endeavors. Honestly it’s kind of crazy how I visualize myself doing things and then they’re actually happening!

It wasn’t any different last night. Sure, this “thing” that I visualized might have been a little, well, “teeny-bopperish” but still, I visualized my way into this party…
So let’s preface this story: There was a huge NYLON magazine party going on last night that several celebs on Twitter kept talking about yesterday. Towards the end of the evening I realized it was the Zac Efron cover party for Nylon magazine, which instantly meant I was dying to go.
It was also my friend Edward’s birthday so around 10:30 I met him and a few other work friends at 3rd street. I was opting not to drink (I’ll discuss “No Alcohol November” soon) and instead enjoyed everyone’s company. Around 11:30 I look at my twitter app on my iPhone and see a tweet by Brent Bolthouse who says he was at the Nylon party at XIV. XIV is a very popular bar/restaurant on Sunset, which is conveniently located across the street from my gym and hence only a block from my apartment.
I knew Zac Efron was at this party and there was no way that I was going to not try to go with him being so close in vicinity to me!!!
I remember Edward posting on Facebook that we were all going to XIV after dinner so I asked him about it. Apparently Charlene, a client of ours and his is a VIP hostess at a bunch of clubs and could get us in.
Of course I made him text her and since it was his birthday she was open arms! So we got in the car and headed over. It’s about 12:30 at this point and as we valet Edward tells them that he knows Mark (the manager) and that he’ll take care of it. They proceed to tell us the party is closed. Um, negative ghostwriter, we’re going in anyway. So we literally leave our valet in the middle of this parking lot and head to the entrance. I’ve never been to XIV so I’m not sure if this was the real entrance but it looked like camouflaged secret doors that we walked into.
Once we were in, it was time to find the manager so Edward could fix the valet situation. It was very dim lit but I heard a voice that one (such as myself) could never forget, ever, and it said this: “Hey man, yeah I’m headed to the restroom real quick but I’ll be over in few.”
You know when you see movie montages where wind is blowing through a hunky-character’s hair and there is a bright light behind them, making them appear as if they are holy is some way? That’s pretty much what happened. And angels sung hallelujah too (I’m sure of it).
He was wearing a sweater and his hair looked, well, sexy, and HE’S JUST SO DAMN attractive. I mean who doesn’t swoon when you look at him? Every guy there was trying to feel out his gaydar but nobody had a clear idea. I mean I really don’t think he’s gay! Leonardo (Dicaprio) was that good looking at his prime and everyone said he was gay too.
Anyway, once we got in we were getting free drinks and basically all giddy because it was Edward’s birthday, we were hanging out with Brittany Snow and Ashley Tisdale at the ZAC EFRON Nylon Party and drinking free drinks at a free table. Cha-ching!
I was a little scared Zac had left until he entered the room holding hands with a blonde woman. She looked significantly older than us though so I figured he must know her from somewhere, and it wasn’t like “love” hand-holding, it was like “trying to keep her from falling face first into the ground because she was so incoherently drunk” hand-holding.
So pretty much I’m a weenie but I didn’t approach him to say hi. He was sitting in the booth right next to us all night but I just would feel weird approaching him. All of these “cling-ons” (a word my mother uses to refer to people who like to suck the life from people with money or fame) were at his table just drinking his booze and introducing themselves to him. That’s awkward! Leave him alone unless you know him.
Well from what I could tell he was very polite to everyone. He wasn’t drunk but drank a cocktail and was going to town drinking water. And when he left the party it was like my life got a little more evil, having such a holy person walk out the door.
Should I be *this* giddy about something so small? Probably not. However, it’s the little things in life right? I mean I was sitting RIGHT NEXT TO HIM. As my boss put it, “Kirbie, you need to take all of this in. Because in a few years from now, you’ll remember this exact moment and think, ‘And I thought THIS was amazing?!’ because your life if going to get so much better.”

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