News, News, News

Alright people, there are some news stories I want to speak out on so here we go!

Letterman soars in ratings
On Monday, Mr. President himself Barack Obama was on The Letterman Show. Apparently this sparks a 195% increase in viewership over Conan and only 10% over Leno. Seriously, do I need to say this again? David Letterman is the sh*t. He does not need Obama to do better than Jay or Conan; and while I enjoy Conan and NBC, Letterman is still above and beyond awesome.
Khloe Kardashian to wed Lamar Odom
Um, I think my next statement is an obvious one: I never thought Khloe would be the first Kardashian sister to wed. I mean when Kim was with Reggie I thought it would be inevitable; now that Kourtney is preggers it seems LOGICAL to get hitched, however she makes a ton of money on her own so I don’t think there is desperate need to get married to d-bag, or as I like to call him “Chipmunk,” Scott. I’m wondering why there is such a bustle to wed with Khloe – not to mention the fact that her own mother hasn’t even seen the engagement ring.
Sydney is being engulfed by Hell
Go ahead and click on “Sydney” under trending topics on Twitter. You will witness and view a milli photos of the reddish haze that took over Sydney this morning. Apparently it’s dust and people are fearing for their lives. However it looks pretty cool.

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