Miss American Dream

Oh, Britney Spears. I love thee. I remember when I truly fell in love with you – back when I was at the ripe age of 13. I bought black yoga pants, a crop top and a hoodie (per my parents demands); crimped my hair and was the infamous Miss Spears for Halloween. I danced just like you in the “Crazy” video all night and the biggest compliment of all was when a boy who I pretended I hated (but secretly liked) said, “You look like Britney Spears.”

Sigh. That’s all I ever wanted.
This love never ended. Let’s consider my stint in 8th grade when your Pepsi commercial came out. I remember we got at least 40 girls wanting to be in this performance for the talent show – however, the cafeteria stage didn’t permit dance troupes of that massive size so we had to cut people out. I remember grabbing the sign-up sheet, tearing it in half and having to tell everyone one the right side they “were out.” It was seriously Project Runway style. And sometimes, to this day, I’ll get girls going “remember when you were such a b*tch and cut me out of the talent show routine?” (eh hem, VAL). Well, now you know. It wasn’t a picky situation, those who “were out” were merely on the wrong side of the page. I mean, heck, my best friend Erin even got cut out.
And then there was that time when I was 18. It was project graduation and humiliation ensued. All I really remember was the process of falling asleep before being hypnotized – then waking up some 90 minutes later to all of my girlfriends going, “OH my God.” Allegedly, well, apparently (according to the video taken), I was hypnotized to believe I was the “biggest pop star in the world.” You can hear people giggling as the hypnotist says this because most people who know me know my love for you. What they didn’t know was that I was going to get up and do a full on dance routine to Toxic, which included me getting on the floor and serenading a gay guy in the audience. I mean I was COMMITTED to this part and the most intriguing thing was that I was under complete hypnosis and don’t remember a thing. Horrifying to watch yet a true depiction of my love for you, BJ(ean) Spears.
The point to this? Well, I’m going to see Britney (Miss Spears if you’re nasty) tomorrow! AGAIN! Yes, twice in six months. Could I be any more lucky (no pun intended)? This time it’s courtesy of Miss @LaurenPerenchio and her box at Staples. Seriously this box has been a part of some of the best experiences I’ve had in LA, namely the Beyonce Concert.
So enjoy these videos of Brit Brit live from when we saw here on 3/31 in Dallas!



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