Semi-charmed kind of life

I love Third Eye Blind, so I felt this title was fitting for this post. Wow, where do I begin! So much has happened since I really posted about the goings-on of my life. Let’s start with Thursday.

I called up Peter Noble, professor at TCU and also someone I consider a “yoda” in my life; I’d call him a mentor but he is much more than that. Peter has done a great job at kicking my self confidence up a few notches. He allowed me the creative freedom to run Ad Club last year (as our advisor) and really put a lot of faith in me. He has also given me various opportunities to network to find a job, not to mention he gave me a glowing recommendation for a full-time job in Dallas that I eventually had to decline 🙂 However the words were greatly appreciated. Anyway – back to the point – Peter has a long time family friend whose son is an agent out here in LA. He is “brilliant” (as Peter put it) and said he went to med school for a year but quit after realizing he wanted to go into the music industry. So the guy – who I’m keeping nameless just for privacy reasons – happens to me John Mayer’s and Katy Perry’s agent among others. Not a bad gig for being 29-years-old. I decided to find this guy’s contact info and see if we could chat. That was two months ago and just last week he responded! So we got together on Thursday so I could pick his brain and ask him the naive questions one like myself would ask: “What is rolling a call? What is the scariest thing that’s happened to you as a trainee? What are the perks? What exactly do you do?” Luckily he wasn’t concerned about my ignorance on the subject. The only detail I have regarding agent life is from the books I’ve read (“It’s All Your Fault,” “The Mailroom,” “It’s All Lies and That’s the Truth”) and Ari Gold on Entourage. Probably the most exaggerated resources to put it mildly. But never fear, he calmed my nerves. Things aren’t so scary when put in perspective. When you don’t take things so seriously it’s actually kind of comedic and not so serious at all. He told me about the perks – like traveling, getting a ton of free stuff, and most recently attending MJ’s Memorial with John (he didn’t call that a perk himself, but to me that is definitely a perk!).

We had a great dinner convo and I told him he was officially my fifth friend out here in LA. That is a big deal, obviously! It’s nice being out here solely because of the fact that if I refer to WMA or CAA people actually know what I’m talking about (talent agencies). However, it is amazing how many actors and singers out here don’t know the power players in their industries. Sure, everyone has heard of Stephen Speilberg, but put a little time and effort into knowing key producers, studio heads and agents. It will get you a lot farther than you think.

Anyway, I went to bed early that night and woke up on Friday early to get to work. I love work. I love the people I work with. Breakdown:

Chelsea: The visionary of the tanning studio; decided one day she wanted to create the best airbrush tan possible, so she researched for a year and had a chemist develop the solution we use today, so nobody else has it. It really it really is the best.

Kristen: The manager. Really funny, witty and sweet. Very maternal. Turning into a friend moreso than a boss, but we have fun because we can discuss business and personal matters. She loves baby Jesus which is good too. She doesn’t judge me when I tell her stories about stupid things I did as a child, for instance when I was 14 and permed my hair just because Justin Timberlake has curly hair and then proceeded to stud bandanas with rhinestones because, yes, that’s what Justin did. Too far? Maybe.

Katie: The resident lesbian at our studio. She’s hilarious. Never owned a dress until she started working here. She also is very generous and always offers to let me stay with her if I ever need a place. She calls me KirbieBear and we all like to pick on her because she’s so sarcastic.

Edward: My gay hairstylist. I’m not telling you all that they’re gay/lesbian because that defines them, I’m just telling you because it really is a part of how we interact. Eddie does my hair and makes me look fabulous and I spray tan him relentlessly because he is tanorexic. It’s a great exchange program. We also talk about relationships 24/7.

That’s the gang. They’re pretty awesome. Now I don’t need to preface who everyone is anymore.

Friday night was the night of all nights. Lauren, Michelle and I decided to go out and meet up with Brooke and Kristen. Lauren, Mich and I pretty much have the club scene taken care of – Michelle has the hook-up at Playhouse and Beso/Kiss (I never know), Lauren knows everyone plus she has the hookup for the Staples center and I managed to make friends with people at MyHouse, HWood and some other places that I haven’t been to yet. Anyway, we go to Beso/Kiss. We get in and it seems small but we instantly love it because the DJ is spinning some great music. I was not planning on drinking, which clearly I just need to give up because every time I say that I inevitably drink in abundance, but then Kristen wanted to go to the bar to get something so I went with her as moral support. We were standing there minding our own business when this guy starts talking to us and offers to buy us drinks. Okay. Turns out it was redbull and vodka, which makes me want to hurl, so I passed mine off to someone else after toasting and pretending to sip. Then he tells us he is taking care of us the entire night because he is a promoter so just put everything on his tab. Okay!!!! You know you wouldn’t pass it up either. Meanwhile Michelle is working it out with the other promoter who kept buying patron shots (I don’t do shots so I didn’t partake), and then we managed to make friends with the bartenders so needless to say two hours later I wasn’t surprised when LP fell on the floor and a whole bunch of other debauchery ensued.

Anyway, I had to tell you all because that was a highlight of my weekend. I am loving LP and Michelle because they are awesome. I have also gotten to spend a lot of time with my roommate, Ali, who I love and who is also soaring to new heights in acting. I have no doubt we’ll see her on the silver screen soon. Last night I caught up on last season’s Entourage and as I watched Ari run through his office trying to save Vince from being kicked off a 100 million dollar movie, it made me think if that is what my life would turn into one day. If it is, I wouldn’t be mad. Of course I know it is not as glamorous as TV would portray but I can’t help but to get a little anxious and excited about the future.

Tomorrow is BEYONCE!!!! I am seriously so excited because I live for concerts and I’ve never seen B perform live before. I’ll write up the details fo’ sho’.

As always, thanks for reading!!!

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One thought on “Semi-charmed kind of life

  1. Am I allowed to post your texts from Friday night on here? Now those were entertaining and your grammar was surprisingly good, given your situation.

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