BET Coverage

-Opening tribute: Who are these people? They are doing a TERRIBLE job. When I saw *NSYNC back in 1999 they did a tribute to MJ and they actually sang and danced well. I know this is the BET awards but they could have invested in some whities.

-Why is Jeremy Piven at this?!!!
-Is this going to be a whole MJ show? I mean the man just died three days ago and everyone is almost mocking the fact that he’s dead. I don’t know how I feel about it.
-Why are they not announcing all of the nominees!????? This is chaotic. They really must have thrown this all together. Not trying to knock Michael, but this is getting a little out-of-control. They should have kept the show’s stability and added a few tribute performances… not a million of them. I don’t think he would have wanted it to result in all of this.
-Um, Lebron: what exactly did the Jacksons do for basketball?! I mean let’s get real, the power of their music didn’t revolutionize the game. Just say your condolences and move on.
-Kerri Hilson is wonderful. I wish Ne-Yo and Kanye sang “Knock You Down” with her though.
– She must have had to change up her entire performance because I guarantee she wasn’t going to be incorporating an MJ outfit and dance moves into it before his passing. This is insane.
… Just kidding. Ne-Yo is doing a tribute to Michael. I love him. He can actually sing and he sounds delicious as well.
-Is that JOE JACKSON?! You’ve got to be kidding me!!!! Your kid just died! This is ridiculous. Whatever, maybe that’s how he’s going to heal. I’m just not sure most people would do it at an awards show.
-Maybe this should be the Michael Entertainment Television awards and all the awards should go to Mike. Seriously.
-This girl kicked some butt singing but I still don’t know who she is.
-T.PAIN!!!!!!! I love me tom TizzlePizzle. Jamie Foxx, eh.
-I’d love to go to one of these BET award after parties. I bet people get crazy. And frankly? I think I could fit in with the rappers.
-Um what is Snoop Dogg doing? Please stop.
-This entire song is a backing track. Nothing sounds live. Except right now during the chorus when it sounds horrible.
-AHAHA dude I love T.Pain so much. This guy plays into his persona. I totally want to meet him…
-Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em… you are terrible. Please stop. And why is the visual all weird now?!
-Best Collaboration? T.Pain and Jamie Foxx. Who did they beat out? Oh wait we’ll never know because THEY DIDN’T ANNOUNCE THE OTHER NOMINEES.
-When I win an award (for something), the first thing I’ll do is Thank God. And then the haters. Just like T.Pain.
-Best RB Performer: Ne-Yo. Amen. I swear, I love his style so much. If I have a child, I hope he’s black and dresses just like him. – Update, Val suggests I name the kid Ne-Yo or Yo-Ne. And no, I don’t think I’m going to have a black kid by osmosis.
-Beyonce, oh baby. She’s the ideal woman performer. Check her out! A singing wonder, a beautiful face and bangin’ bod. Ave Maria, what a beautiful song. I’m glad she’s not singing an MJ song. She sounds impeccable singing In The Arms of the Angel. I understand why she’s incorporating it. Subtle but beautiful. I am a little bored.
-Some hoe on Twitter just told me that the reason I don’t understand how the Jacksons influenced basketball was because I’m white. Um, hello?! I want to say something. First of all, how can black people get away with making comments like that to white people but when a white person says things like that we’re racist?! I am not racist in the the slightest. Racism is pretty much something that has never affected my life. However, don’t tell me that based on my skin color that I don’t understand things. Michael Jackson did nothing for the basketball industry or the game. His music and lyrics didn’t heal everything and create a great game, he didn’t unify anyone in that industry with his music. His dance moves didn’t improve a three-pointer. His style didn’t influence a change in the uniform. It might have affected those people personally but it didn’t revolutionize the game, so get that straight. I would throw out some basketball greats who did influence the game but honestly I don’t know enough about the sport to throw those names out, except for maybe the other MJ, Michael Jordan.
-Um what is going on?! “She’s in the ladies room?” Could you not have said anything more graceful than that? Awkward.
-I’m still mad about that tweet. What the heck? What entitles her to make this a race issue? Because I’m white. Psshh. Seriously, that was so absurd.
-Best New Artist: Keri Hilson! Whoop!
-OMG Keith Sweat is on here right now. This is happening. Where is Stewart?! He would love this.
-Again, why is Jeremy Piven here?
-It’s nice to hear all of the great things Michael done and how he has influenced everyone, but I can’t help but feel a little sad that people would not have said these things about him four days ago. In fact, they would have probably contributed to the media scrutiny and maybe made a few jokes at his expense.
– Okay. I can’t handle this any longer. It’s been fun.

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