When it’s all said and done

When it’s all said and done, what kind of impact will you have left on the people who knew you? I think that Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson both left a wonderful legacy of themselves to their fans. There will never be a poster as a great as Farrah’s. Nobody will sha-mon, dance, sing and groove like Mr. Jackson.

I feel so terrible for all parties involved. I’m sure a lot of the family members heard of these tragedies through the radio, internet or TV: isn’t it a shame that the human race has become so media hungry that we’re dying to see the final photograph of dying people? It’s rather disgusting. But I guess I can understand it. It’s kind of like closure in a sense because a lot of fans won’t get to attend a funeral, and although they aren’t entitled to go, a lot of people feel as if they know these celebrities on a personal level. Maybe seeing a “final photograph” is a way to make it real. Regardless, it’s still sad that celebrities aren’t entitled to the privacy of a normal person – even during their own death.
I also would like to ask for a lot of you to unfollow Perez Hilton on Twitter. I am going to choose not to speak about him further after this, but I want people to know the destructive, sick and preposterous behavior he has displayed this week. Again, as I’ve said before, how does being gay and calling someone a f*ggot even begin to sound legitimate? Then, today, while trying to figure out if Michael Jackson really was dead or not (there was speculation all over Twitter), there was a post about MJ and how “ticket holders should get their money back” because Michael was probably creating another publicity stunt to avoid his upcoming string of concerts, basically insinuating he was fabricating his death. This has gone extremely too far and many other celebrities have had enough of it as well. This man cannot keep going through life expecting to take stabs at other people and their personal lives and then turning around once they finally die and pretend like he’s some sort of Saint with love, compassion and empathy. If he was, he would show those emotions on a daily basis and NOT just for the hot up-in-coming acts. Maybe he really does have empathy for others, but it’s hard not to feel as if those feelings a merely attempts to be the first person to report something and gain publicity for his own selfish ego.
Anyway, I hope that previous paragraph didn’t outshine the point I am trying to make tonight. Celebrities, though flawed (like everyone else), are people. They live, they die. They make dumb mistakes and they might do weird things. They might do wonderful things. They might change the world. But at the end of the day, when you die, you have to think about who and what you’re leaving behind and both Farrah and MJ shouldn’t have anything to worry about. God bless them both.

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