Well most of you know I’ve been homesick, but today totally made up for it.  I started my “assistantship” as I like to call it for Chic Events and man was it busy!  I got up early so I could meet Rachel and Erika at The Beverly Wilshire Hotel.  I felt totally like Julia Roberts driving down Rodeo and then valeting my car at the hotel.  It’s so immaculate and beautiful that I feel like anyone would feel inadequate there.  But still I felt comfortable and loved the whole atmosphere – it was truly amazing.  

We started the day by doing a walk-through for our event on Friday in the ballroom.  It’s just as beautiful as the rest of the hotel.  I really got to dive right in and learn about event planning by hearing everything that needs to be considered and what all will be going on.  The event is for the Step Up Women’s Network and Chic has been doing the event for I believe three years now (maybe four?), so they have a lot of great relationships with the hotel and SUWM.  Everyone is super friendly from both sides of the event so it made me feel a lot more comfortable on my first day.
I knew celebrities would be there, but I wasn’t sure which ones.  Turns out Lisa Ling and Marcia Cross are among those being recognized!  That should be exciting!  The best part was when Rachel goes, “Okay, so is Justin going to be presenting?”  My heart immediately started beating faster.  “No, I think Larry King will be doing that award…”
Justin WHO?!  I had to know, but not that very second, because duh,  I don’t want to look like I’m a crazed fan or anything.  “Aw man.  I was hoping he’d be there.  At least Tori and Dean will be!”  Tori… Spelling? Check!  I’m pretty stoked about seeing her.  
After getting back to the office I decided to ask Erika the only thing on my mind: “So, when you say Justin, do you mean…?”  “JT? Oh yeah.”
AH!  If only he would be there.  But he won’t.  Fate dodges us again… maybe next time.
I couldn’t be more excited to wake up at 6:00 am on Friday.  I am really excited for my life now in general just because Rachel & Erika are hilarious.  Speaking of, today around noon the CRAZIEST thing happened!!!  It was so mentally insane.  We heard a bunch of yelling down below (we’re on the 9th floor) – a lot of cursing and screaming by a woman.  So Rachel looks down and is like oh, wonder what happened… OH MY GOD!!! So instantly Erika and I rush to the window to see a bike laying in the middle of the street and a bunch of stalled cars while a small white kid and black man and woman are causing a riot in the street. 
“Okay you guys, I need you to understand what just happened!!!  That (black) guy just picked the (white) guy up and slammed his head into a MOVING VEHICLE!”  Um what?! Based on the yelling, we semi-figured out the story:  the white kid was riding his bike and managed to hit the black lady’s car and tore off her driver’s side mirror.  And sidenote-  I’m not racist by saying “black” or issuing their race – it just gets difficult to identify who is who in this story.  Anyway, the woman freaked out and got out of the car in slippers, carrying a baton, yelling at anyone and everyone in the middle of the street, holding up all kinds of traffic.  I guess her man-friend didn’t like this so he decides to try to kill this kid by throwing him into a moving car.  Luckily the kid had a helmet or something because next thing you know he’s up and moving around and then rides off on his bike while the woman is still causing a huge scene.  She was yelling at the bike cop and people in the stalled cars behind her.  Then within 30 seconds of this uproar cop cars stroll up and all of a sudden she isn’t yelling anymore.  So she’s explaining to the police about her mirror when HELLO?!  That kid on the bike almost had his head ripped off – he was physically THROWN into a moving car! What the hell?! Strangest crap goes on here.  
Anyway, after my fantabulous (yet terrifying) first day of work, I decided to go with my gut and drive over to The Proposal premiere.  I figured it would be fun and if anything we might get to see a few of my favorite actors.  So Ali and I meet up and just kind of stand around for awhile when Sandra Bullock pulls up.  She looks really pretty and is on the other side of the street taking photos and giving autographs.  Woe is me… wouldn’t it be nice if we were on that side of the street.  Except NOT because then she crossed traffic and walked over to our side!!!! I was so excited because I wasn’t expecting anything like that to go on.  She was totally nice and funny and signed about a million autographs.  I didn’t get one but got a bunch of a pics of her and she is just fabulous.  You rock, Sandra Bullock.
Before we knew it Ryan Reynolds showed up and all the women went nuts.  Completely nuts!  You know how he looks so hard and masculine in some photos?  Well he’s not.  He’s tall but has really skinny legs and a built upper body (like Stewart – love you babis!  You’d make truly a hot actor haha).  
I’ve learned during my short life that most celebrities are a lot shorter and not as exhilarating as you would think.  But I was thrilled regardless because duh, I love this stuff!  So Ryan does the same thing as Sandra and walks across the street to us.  I mean, women were going insane. It was unbelievable.  ScarJo was nowhere to be seen which I assume was a PR move because nobody wants to see Ryan’s hot ass with his wife’s hot ass.  Anyway, he walked over and I still have nothing to get autographed and dangit, I wanted one!  So while everyone is holding out their autograph books I decided to sink to an all-time low and stuck out my arm.  He gets to me, stops, looks me in the eye and says, “Really?”  And I’m like “Yeah… I don’t have anything else!”  (cue his million dollar smile) “Okay fine.  Here you go.”
And that was my experience with Ryan Reynolds.  I might not be proud of it but I mean it makes a great story, right?  I’m not really down with autographs in the first place because I feel like it’s just a signature, but we were at a movie premiere and when the celebrities are offering themselves up for pics and autographs then why not let my inner 13-year-old come out to play?!
We also got to see Angela & Kevin from The Office as well as Elizabeth Banks!  They strolled in pretty late without all of the paparazzi craziness.  Overall it was a fun-filled day!  
Off to beddy-bye.  Visiting with the familia tomorrow!

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