Man, it’s been a crazy few days!  Since my last post, we drove through Arizona and finally arrived in CALIFORNIA!  Right around the time we were approaching LA there was an Earthquake but thank the Lord we didn’t get to experience that chaos.
So if any of you know my parents, you know they’re REALLY conservative.  Before I went to college I considered myself conservative, but now I’m more on a moderate stance.  My view has changed and doesn’t side completely with one side or the other.  Anyway, back to the point: my apartment is in the epitome of what one would consider West Hollywood – literally down the street from Chateau Marmount and right in between Santa Monica Blvd & Sunset (really, it’s a dream come true).  La Lohan was spotted wondering around yesterday so I am in desperate need of finding her because I’m convinced we could be friends (Cancers and Capricorns go well together… sometimes?) and I could make her hop off the crazy train.  Really though, back to the point – the book I’m reading about agency life describes West Hollywood as “the mecca for gays” and it couldn’t be closer to the truth.  They’re everywhere!  I say that with the most respect because coming from Texas it’s very rare you see a gay couple on any given day, let alone a ton of them.  The screen shot above is of the networks in my apartment and I found it hysterical someone bluntly named theirs “homosexual.”  
Wednesday Dad and I explored Burbank and the studio lots like Warner Bros. and I just giggled with glee.  I plan on going sometime soon to catch a taping of a show or at least take a tour.  It’s about a 15 minute drive (when traffic isn’t terrible) and everything here is so close!  It’s weird being somewhere that I’ve always wanted to be.  It has met every expectation I ever had so I couldn’t be more pleased.
My first celebrity sighting was yesterday at PinkBerry – Monique Coleman of High School Musical fame was grabbing some yogurt with a friend.  Is it fate or irony that she is my first celeb to see?  Everyone knows I’m obsessed with HSM.   I didn’t say hi anything because duh, that’s annoying.  
Valentina has been letting me listen to a ton of songs she has written and they are AMAZING.  I say that all the time but seriously, they are.  She even wrote one with Tony from No Doubt and they got Gwen Stefani to sing a revised version for Val to hear overseas!!!  It was fun listening to Val sing it and then hear how Gwen did it.  
Val has also given me a lot of insight to different things in the industry.  She told me a lot of secrets about American Idol that I didn’t know – a lot of stuff that frankly pissed me off and it reaffirms that it doesn’t just take talent to get in but a ton of LUCK as well.  
I got a job!  Doing none other than airbrush tanning! haha.  Oh man.  I thought I’d never hold an airbrush again until I found the posting online.  It’s called Sunless Studios, located in Beverly Hills.  The demise of me is going to be that Sprinkles cupcakes are right across the street and heaven knows I love me some Sprinkles.  I am planning on losing 10 pounds though so resistance is going to be key.  So I don’t need to worry about tanning anymore because I get free airbrushes now woooo!!! The girls I’m working with are awesome and I feel really comfortable already.
On Wednesday I met up with a college friend, Lauren, who was with her roomie Michelle.  I brought Val and we had a BLAST at this little dive bar called “Big Wangs.”  For all your pervs, it serves chicken wings and good southern food but also has karaoke on Wednesday nights!  We managed not only to make friends with the help there but I got some random to sing “Forgot About Dre” with me and Val sang “I Will Always Love You.”  Not to toot my own horn but we are AWESOME and got a standing ovation.  It’s nice to know that people other than Texas think it’s fun to watch me rap.  🙂  
And by the way, I mentioned PinkBerry before and I have to say it is AWESOME.  Like I didn’t understand the hype but now I do.  It’s delish and it’s going to be my addiction, much like FrogBerry in Fort Worth or Berry Berry in Addison.  I told Stu I have a new place for us to try!
It’s funny how different things are here.  People are a lot more relaxed and chill, which is not what I was expecting.  I can’t wait for it to get a little warmer so we can make our way to the beach.  Next week I plan on going out to Lancaster to see my cousin Koby play ball (he’s legit) and then the next week my Aunt Deb comes in town and I’ll be soooo excited to see her!  All my aunts are so fun and they all contribute something different: Aunt Brenda takes care of me and my gadgets/technology, Aunt Bonnie just makes sure I’m mentally and physically healthy, Aunt Carole writes me letters and let’s me explore my creative and literary side, and Aunt Deb loves to SHOP.  She also has great workout and eating tips.  Soooo them combined with my Mom makes me a very loved girl.  I can’t forget my Dad and Uncles who are so supportive also!!! Love yall little babis’.  
By the way, Nick, if you’re reading this, I loooooooooove you and miss you already.   Please be good for Mom and Dad and take good care of Harley and Tobinator.  Also, I’m sending you an ACT book soon so you can get on it.
That’s all for now… the girls want me to come in today to try out the tan so I can start promoting it to everyone! 🙂
Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams,

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