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As you can tell by watching any media outlet lately, Perez Hilton has taken his fury from the Miss USA pageant on Sunday and has turned his tirades into a full out media blitz. In case you haven’t turned on the TV lately, Hilton was outraged by Miss California answer to his question regarding Vermont’s passing of same-sex marriage and her thoughts on the issue. Miss CA answered truthfully and respectfully, saying that she felt it was great for people to be able to explore those options, just that she didn’t feel a marriage is between people of the same sex.

Look, Perez has a right to be upset. He is a homosexual male, and he is denied the rights and benefits of a marriage. At the same time, I have to say that I do feel a marriage is between a man and a woman, HOWEVER, the GLBT community deserves equal rights as any other citizen. Therefore, why not allow them to form a union, not necessarily call it a marriage, yet give them all of the rights and benefits that men and women have within a marriage? I would be interested to know if homosexuals are more mad that they can’t be “married,” i.e. a semantics issue, or if they’re more upset about not being able to recognize that they have a life partner and don’t reap the benefits of that union. I imagine it’s probably both, not to mention the aforementioned equality factor. Anyway, I feel everyone should deserve the same respect and rights, but at the same time Perez should show some respect for Miss CA’s opinion, regardless of if it’s different than his.
His response to this? “Miss CA is representing the state, not herself.” I imagine that is true, but personally if my representative got as far as the Miss USA pageant, she should be entitled to speak truthfully and from the heart and not on behalf of everyone else in the state. It’s not as if she’s the Senator of the state – furthermore, people might disagree with their senator’s point-of-view and the Senators have had less impact than Miss CA. This debate will never cease because this issue is SO not black and white. It’s gray. And I just have to add that just because people include religion in their reason for being against gay marriage does not mean they are hateful. I feel as if I’m a very accepting, almost liberal thinker yet I still have my point of view on the issue – they should be allowed the same rights, I’m just not sure if a holy matrimony is going to fly. Everyone wants church and state to be separated; if that’s the case, then do it! Leave church issues (marriage) alone and create something within the state that is formulated to give the homosexual community rights and privileges of a marriage, just without the church.
I also have to include that God is not absent from gay/lesbian relationships. I am so tired of people saying that gay people are not loved by God. Because God is so great that he sees us as his children, who his only son died for, born again and perfect which is the great thing considering none of us are even remotely close to achieving perfection. His love is eternal if you believe, so don’t try to tell me why God hates the gays because a) including “God” and “hate” in the same thought it just wrong in the first place, b) It’s as ignorant as someone during the civil rights movement in the 50s saying “God hates blacks,” and c) I might give you the infamous “Kirbie eyeroll,” which honestly I can’t control… I’m an open book – my facial expressions are hard to hide.
To conclude my rant, I want to add that I feel it was unfair that Perez was asking that question. I mean, what if they had Miss USA back in the day of slavery, and they had a black person asking about that? Or if a woman was asking a man about women’s right during that period in time? I know it’s a crucial issue, but it should not have been asked by someone who you KNOW what answer they’re expecting. They won’t be happy unless you answer how they want you to answer. That one question probably cost her the crown.
That’s my soapbox on that. Although I had a thought come into my head yesterday: are there any gay or lesbian couples that actually agree that marriages should remain between a man and woman? Wouldn’t that be interesting to discover. I’d love to find someone like that and pick their brain on why they feel that way.
Anyway, can’t we all love each other? Maybe that would be too much to ask. But I guess that’s the beauty of our differences.

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